Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo: Movie Review.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, November 13, 2016

I've always wondered if the first flush of love is as charming as Gautam Vasudev Menon's portrayal. Be it the delinquency that it brings as shown in 'Cheli' to the subtle elegance that he shows in 'Gharshana', the sheer madness of it is magical enough for us to desire its experience. But his movies bring more than just that to the table.

It might get a little redundant if I say this, but we all know that Menon's movie introductions are always crucial because the entire story unfolds right from the beginning. Naga Chaitanya, your quintessential boy next door, finishes his MBA and tries to figure his life out when he meets Manjima Mohan, your girl next door. As you might have gathered from the trailer, she is his sister's friend and stays for a couple of weeks at their place. While he finds her attractive, it's mostly during this stay, he falls in love with her. This whole track of the movie is quite amazing and adding to that, Rahman's soulful music is nothing short of brilliant! Soon, he plans a road trip to Kanya Kumari on his Royal Enfield and confides in her, and on the morning he sets off, she asks him to take her along on the trip. When the beautiful trip comes to an end, he convinces to drop her home. But things take an adverse U-turn when they meet with an accident.

The transformation of the movie from the first half to post-intermission is effortlessly done because I wouldn't want to jump from a wonderful feel good moment to a series of action sequences and suspense so easily. But I did because Menon kept delving into the plot wisely enough to keep the audience well-involved in the movie. Usually, movies come with a predictability card of boy meets girl and falls in love, the introduction of a problem and its closure. It's all a happy ending. But in this case, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the layers of the protagonist as he went from one stage of the issue to another. Nicely done by Naga Chaitanya! The fact that Manjima Mohan and Baba Sehgal are fresh faces when it comes to the movies hasn't kept them away from performing that convincingly. Honestly, it was a treat to see them onscreen!

I don't want to be a killjoy by revealing the plot any further, but I'll say this - it has all the right ingredients of love, emotion, loss, trauma, and comedy at the right areas in right amounts. With a typical Menon ending, this one too makes you walk out of the theater with a large grin on your face. Sure, the climax wasn't as exciting I imagined but what the hell? The movie was beautiful enough for one to even think of it.

And what else do you actually need in life? A sense of purpose, an object of interest, a person to love, a friend who is crazy enough to support everything you do, a wonderful song to sing, and a reaffirmation that you can constantly discover and be surprised with what you can do in (and with) life. Your life is so sorted, man!


superman said...

enti eh movie ki review vrasevu. first half okkatey bagundhi,second half headache vachhindi,movie eppudu ayipothunda ani wait chesanu. 2nd half is like tele-serial with amateur direction and superficial performances. baba sehgal is a miscast and storyline is really too dumb in second half.nee review chadivi cinema ku vellenu,naku 2nd half lo headache vachhindi. inkosari review vrasthey vunnadhi vunnatlu vrayi. if you live in books ,you can't think beyond books cuz your perceptions are overwritten by others thoughts from the day one when you become know what? thinkers don't read books. idhi nijam,ninnu criticise cheyyadaniki vrayaledhu, andhukey nuvvu sariga judge cheyyaleka poyavu. you can judge things to perfection only when you are a thinker.

Sunaina Patnaik on 21 Nov 2016, 09:36:00 said...

The fact that you don't respect the views, choices and opinions of others tells a lot about you. The fact that you don't read books shows in your poor and rather tasteless remarks on things that you THINK you know.

How unfortunate!

Every person has their own perception and opinion. I pity you, for you have neither. Adding to this, you don't even have the luxury of reading books.

Thinkers don't read? Bro, get your facts straight and right.

And superman aa thokka? Ila anonymous comments veyyamante prathi edhava siggulekunda estadu. Na review chadivi ninnu cinema ki evadu vellamanaledu, neeku cinema nachakapothe adi ne problem, naa review di kaadu.

Pani unte chusko, lekapothe paduko. Anavsramga sagam brain, skills, grammar vaadi comments eyyaku.


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