Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Great Indian Wedding Drama!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, August 21, 2014

“Weddings are never about the bride and groom, weddings are public platforms for dysfunctional families.” 
― Lisa KleypasBlue-Eyed Devil

The wedding season is here - the warning sign for all the singles and the unmarried.

I have dreaded weddings ever since I was a child. The noise, the food served in the weddings (most of the times, it is bad), the nonsensical banter, the never-ending process of getting hitched, the sleepless nights, and the nights I suffer with sinusitis- things that I have always loathed.

As I grew older, my threshold for weddings and its noise has increased, I have started accepting the dire straits of attending one, but I admit, I only attend the weddings that mean a lot to me. I do not put on grumpy faces anymore, and much to my chagrin, I socialize without a frown. 

I am not that moody child anymore. I am a woman with terrible mood swings now. Yes, it does not help much with my family anyway.

It was my brother's wedding this week, and it was one of the much awaited weddings for all of us. And no, shopping is not the only reason for it. This boy was practically an important part of my childhood who suffered my evil schemes without complaining; pelting stones at him was fun and he put up with it; biting him and making him carry my shopping bags was one of the privileges he exercised. He was also my first cycling partner, and morning walk mate, and I looked forward to my summer vacations to meet my youngest uncle, my brother, and our dog. Gradually, we grew apart owing to our education and career choices.

I reckon, separation is a sign of growing up!

Like I said, this wedding was one of the much coveted ones. I met my cousins after three painful years, I spent some quality time with my grandparents, I looked forward to meet my whole family who were ignored in my quite rebellious times, and during holidays that I spent overloading myself with writing assignments. 

Ah, the joy of eating the food back home, and walking through the streets that were spent cycling in my childhood, the familiar smell of the mango trees in my grandparents' orchard!

All good things come along with bad things. When we talk about weddings, the bad things are always the distant relatives who pretend to shower SO much love on you that you actually want to faint.

It is that time of your life when you will face awkward situations like, "When do you intend to get married?" "We'll search a good boy for you", "My only remaining wish is to see you get married."

I mean, seriously, when will we ever stop doing this?

You wanted the man to get married, and finally, when he does, you ignore him throughout his wedding and focus on the unmarried ones.

No, you do not have to look for a good boy. (Define good boy. I beg to differ.) 

And no, some of us have a life. We live a life doing things for ourselves and not by craving a big fat wedding. 

Some of us are wired differently. But no surprises there, all the Indian weddings are just the same - a fleeting moment of blithe emotions for the reunion with your cousins, nonsensical banter, and random women (I cannot even recall them) who want you to see a good boy. And get married. Just get married. Without any second thoughts.

Sweet life!

Picture Courtesy: Indian wedding site.


monica malik on 22 Aug 2014, 02:36:00 said...

How well you have summed it up..- JUST GET MARRIED. i strongly felt and believed what you said is cent percent correct. There people who love you expect to be a part of your happiness, but there need not be so annoyingly inclined on it. Wedding means much more than that. Its two people choosing to be together for the rest of their lives. We should give them that moment and not take it away it howling about how other things matter..
Congrats and best wishes to your brother

Sunaina on 22 Aug 2014, 04:02:00 said...

@Monica: Thank you.


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