Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome to the World of Delusion!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, June 22, 2013 12 comments

India is a wonderful, wonderful country. We are meticulously outstanding in almost every sector and when I talk about every sector, well, I mean every sector, and delusion happens to be just one of those sectors. Sweet life! Of course, no country is perfect. Every country has flaws but we have mastered this art. Totally!

We marinate ourselves in various fallacies (All of us do. No one is an exception), and like the American Dream, our Indian Dream is quite a tale. And here we go...

It is a universal truth that most of the Indians are engineers. Well, I appreciate the fact that India is the country that produces the highest number of engineers every year but let us not get carried away with that, okay? "Only engineering can fetch you a job ya! Because medicine is too challenging, do engineering and get into an MNC ya! Arts does not fetch you a cushy job with a fat pay-check." This is a very common house-hold statement. What is it that we hold against Arts? I mean, really. If your child really wants to be a techie, well, let him be, and if he wants to be an artist, do not stop him. Just get over this engineering fad, alright. Hello parents, are you listening? 

We are shamelessly unaware of the American and English organizations. We want our children to work for Indian MNCs like we owe them something. I have this friend who works for Electronic Arts (EA), and EA is supposed to be the big daddy of the gaming industry and his relatives ask, "Why can't you work for Infosys? What is EA, anyway?" *Poker face* And yes, our folks have another misconception: An engineer can get into any organization. And do anything. I am a computer science engineer and no, I certainly don't know why the air conditioner is acting strange. Give me a break!

Women are supposed to master the culinary skills. And do you know what happens if they don't? They simply don't get married. Aila! It is strange how a woman is assessed on the basis of her culinary skills, dressing skills, the number of guy friends she has, the sort of the college she goes to and the metaphors. And everything has to be perfect. No sir, we are not Aamir Khan. We have our own trepidations, endowments, dignity and stuff. Yes, cooking for your man is not a wrong thing but that is not the only thing and if you say a woman's place is still in the kitchen, please, just hang yourself.

People from the same community flock and breed and whatever together! I know, that is hopeless. But this is India and we are in a sad state. I don't understand, what is it about this community, religion, caste system? Yes, apart from the foolishness, what is it really about? If Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar revisit our country now, they would be astonished. Wouldn't they just think that our country hasn't improved even a wee bit ever since their demise? I believe they would, because, we have been developing since decades. On a serious note, we talk about globalization, we brag about modernization, we discuss how our country can progress, we blame our neighbouring countries for a decline in our development rate and that is it, talking is all that we can do. We do not realize that it us. Well, this belief cannot change overnight but hasn't it been too many nights? Take a break, guys! Or I might just come out with another post-The Never-ending saga of Indian parents and their drama. The drama is just so mainstream, and weird and, oh yes, you lost me at your nugatory thought.

Our politicians lecture about secularism (My foot!) but they don't follow it. They are religion/community/caste/sub-caste/same surname (if there is such thing) obsessed, and it is such a shame that these people get elected and stand as the role-models of our country. I am vexed with this system but...truth be told, we choose our Government. So, yeah!!!

I wish I could write more but yawn, this is just getting too long and I don't want anyone to stop reading mid-way. Tata!

And oh, this is our Indian dream-an engineering qualification, a cushy job, a partner of parents' choice, and then, parents decide when you should bring a new life into existence, then, sadly, life is almost done living your parents' dream (Oops! The Indian dream) and we die in peace! Sweet, sweet life!

Disclaimer: India is my country and I love it. I hold no disrespect against anyone. No, I swear!  

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