Saturday, April 30, 2016

Midnight Musing.

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Have you ever noticed how the world simply slows down when you fall in love with someone? Have you ever noticed how you pause everything you do and notice the little things around you? The birds, the streets, the billboards, the trees, and just everything. Have you ever noticed how you begin to enjoy silence and sunsets a little more than the usual? You smile for no absolute reason, laugh at everything, and sometimes, feel restless just because. Have you just ever noticed how your life changes at a snap speed and you cannot help but drown yourself in its madness? Oh, the things that love makes you do!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


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The sun was setting beyond the horizon while spreading its warmth all over the sky.
Clad in pink, she looked at the rocky terrains around her in awe while he held her arm gently.
Far away from the city, their conversations seemed as playful as the twinkling lights at the distance.
They made plans they could call their own and pictured scenarios that they were a little too far-fetched.
But it was those high dreams that made them what they are.
They talked, laughed, and sometimes, graced the silence.
As the evening turned into yet another night, the stars began to embellish the sky.
And at the place where the moonshine wrapped the lake, they promised each other a life full of adventures. Not forevers!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Like a Painting.

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Her life was like a painting with sundry colours. The kind of painting which is a perfect blend of dark shades and light tones. She lived in the dark colours, though. While in the darkness, she carefully established that lighter tones did not fancy her. Her veins wouldn't carry light anymore. One step at a time, she put herself on the path of eternal damnation in the name of love. In the name of desire. In the name of hatred. In the name of things she only felt but couldn't paint.

But when she met him, she erased the painting. She tiptoed into the lighter tones. She painted the canvas with the yellows and the oranges, with the blues and the greens. She painted it afresh. In the name of love. In the name of the things that she felt.

Her life was just like a painting with sundry colours. The kind of painting which is a perfect blend of the sunsets and the oceans.

Thursday, April 14, 2016


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Engulfing solitude and the evening sky,
The slight red and the shy orange,
Of the sun slowly melting into the endless horizon.
As I stare at the sunset in awe, you take my arm into yours,
Singing along with the songs we choose to play.
But it's not the music that makes the drives or evenings better.
It's really you who makes even bad music sound like a symphony.


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