Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Year's Resolutions??

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, March 22, 2012 7 comments

I have secretly sworn on following *SIX* resolutions that I took on this New Year and I must admit that I have failed miserably. Not everyone can follow the resolutions and the person who follows them comes into the category of “I-don’t-know-what”. Okay, they call it "the survival of the fittest" but hello, who cares?

So yeah, what are we good at? Making and breaking promises? Hell yes! :-D Nevertheless, it’s good to have resolutions; they make you feel important and you almost hallucinate that you are following a certain set of guidelines. Period.

And here I go-the six resolutions that have already taken a toll on me and I ended up un-following them just in three months:

1) I will drag and throw away all those clothes that I haven’t worn since an year. I will clean up my closet.
Was I an idiot to make this as one of my resolutions?

2) I will NOT get connected to Internet, Google, mobile, laptop, YouTube, twitter etc. I would rather do some real time tasks.
Okay okay, facebook too. Happy?

3) I will learn all tricks of good cooking and will turn into a master chef. And I turned into a master hogger.

4) I will maintain a diary. Yes, I will. I will make an entry of all my major goof-ups, daily misnomers, and the lessons I have learnt. I have always wanted to maintain a diary since I was a sixth grader and almost all the diaries ended up as the rough copies for my math practice. *Sigh*

But hey, does a blog constitute for a diary?

5) I will stop adding “super” in front of every damned word. I feel like a stupid teenager every time I use that word but I cannot stop using it. :|

6) Focus! Focus! And focus! I should be able to focus and complete all my articles on time before the deadlines sneak. Yes, I will not procrastinate. I will complete my pending work instead of opening my word document and log in to Facebook and day dream.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of Summer, fun and Pictures!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, March 21, 2012 12 comments
Summer is striking right over my head and I think twice before stepping out of the house. I hate Summers. The heat takes a toll on you, and hell, you cannot have any fun at all. Monsoons are MY favorite and Monsoon 2011 reminds me of many things, but Lotus Pond remains to be the most favorite one. I dragged my friends to Lotus Pond early in the morning saying-let's celebrate our Friendship Day here. I know, I am weird but I wanted to see that place so badly. One friend almost exclaimed, "You know what? We had a better Friendship Day last year by watching Twilight-Eclipse." Yes, they felt that was better than MY idea of hey-let's wake-up-at-5 AM-and-visit-Lotus Pond till they saw Lotus Pond. And hello, I was so right. They loved the place. Unfortunately, the park is closed by 10. (But trust me, the guards run behind you from 9:15 asking you to get lost!) :-(

And for people who do not know Lotus Pond, here are the details- Lotus Pond is a part of an Eco-conservation project situated in MLA colony, Banjara Hills. It has been designed by an Italian Designer and is a home to 21 species of birds. (If you want to see these birds, reach the place by 6 AM) Every morning, you can see a lot of photographers capturing a lot of photographers.

And here WE go, a lot of pictures...

This is the first picture I clicked in Lotus Pond. :-)

This mushroom wasn't there when I visited the place the next time. :-)

Now, this is one famous spot in Lotus Pond. Whenever you google about Lotus Pond, this picture clicked by several photographers appears in your search list. But this picture has been clicked by ME. :-D

I consider this picture as one of my best pictures I have ever taken. And it is the cover page of an album that consists of the hard-copies of my photographs. Yay!

If you like MY work, then follow me on flickr. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

happy week!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, March 17, 2012 9 comments
This entire week has been awesome! Oh yes, awesome.. :-D No college, outings, my best friend's birthday and the main reason is-I got to interview Preeti Shenoy (Bliss! She is an awesome author). An epitome of beauty+brains, she is admired by many young authors, students, and girls. Immensely talented and extremely beautiful. You can have a look at the interview here.

And Oh MY God, she mentioned my name in her blog. Is that awesome or what? I was more than happy to follow her blog since an year or more, and to see my name (Oh hell, MY name) in her blog post made me jump into the air. *Takes a back-flip!*
And this, you can view her. (No, no! Not the back-flip. The blog-post..)

*sniff!* I have tears of joy.

And I am so glad that Youth Diaries published it. Youth Diaries is an e-magazine founded by students of IIT-Hyderabad, and it is a part of Talex.
You can like their FB pages here ->

and there you go! ;-)
links to their sites..talented bunch again! 

And if you don't know her? (Shouts loudly, "You don't know her? Then what do you know, duh?" *Rolling eyes!*) then check her out on Wikipedia (Oh yes, she is that popular.) and to save you enough trouble, I'll provide you with the link ->

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Woes of the Pen! :-)

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, March 08, 2012 39 comments

Name: Pen
Age: 15 refills
Problem: Injustice.
A certain pen appeals to the court seeking justice for himself and his fellow pens.

My Honour,
I am Pen. And I do not belong to the swanky categories of Parker or Pierre Cardin but how I wish I did; at least I could sleep on velvet in the night. I belong to the mediocre category of Montex and Cello.
I seek justice, Milord, for I have been ill treated and I need a peaceful life now.
Students use me all the time to write their truck loads of assignments, notes, and tests. Few mindless writers use me to write their not-so-sensible stories. *Sighs* 

I have been exploited very badly to write novels like “Pls kiss me. Or kill me”, “Will you marry me Cupid”, “When life tricked me...Love kicked me”. Milord, I’ve been invented to write sensible things, revolutionary things, but these junky kids are using me to write things that I have never written before. They are not just senseless but are also filled with typographical errors. How do I even cope up with this! Now that few people have dumped me for Miss Microsoft Word, I am finally able to find some time for my personal chores.
When great visionaries said, “Pen is mightier than the sword”, I was proud of myself, I invested my time in building a strong pen army and yes, we attacked the swords and achieved glory. That battle, Milord, is famously known as ‘The Battle of Penipat’.

Judge: My dear young pen-man, we can solve these issues amicably.
No, Milord, no, there are more to come. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez write their dumb songs using me. This is sheer injustice, Milord. [The entire court understands the pain of the pen, and looks at him sympathetically.]
Forlorn lovers use me to write their dumb love letters, and I feel ashamed of their rejection. When I sleep and stop working for a while, students wake me up by scribbling their books with graffiti like senseless designs. Few house wives use me to open their oil tins, jam bottles, and cream tubes by inserting my nib into them. What is this, Milord, how would you feel if somebody puts your head into oil?
Bimbos use me to curl their hair. Whatever happened to rollers and curlers, Milord?
Few terrible teenagers open their chips packets by blasting them with my nib. [The jury nods in agreement.]
Whoever invented the concept of use and throw pens should be hanged. School kids use us and throw us out of the windows. And have you ever heard of pen fights, Milord? Were you ever made to fight with people of your own fraternity? Yesterday I had to hit my brother, break his head and ouch! It hit me so badly. My brother was in tears, Milord. Several times, I got my cap battered. How can you expect me to buy a new cap every time I fight, Milord? I am not a rich pen.

We are choking our guts out because of these glitter pens. We are being packed in pink, yellow, orange and are thrown into a bucket of sparkling glittery gooey mess! What are we? Some hoity-toity Vampires? I would rather stay in a dungeon and drink some ink to myself. *sniffs* I feel so terrible.
 Careless kids drop us on the floor at least ten times a day and break our heads. Loony kids drop us deliberately and dive under the bench in the pretext of picking me up and laugh on a joke like Comedy Circus judges. Even worse, Sidhu and Shekhar Suman laugh like they are going to die and throw me on the floor or hit the table with me.
And these days, to keep a track of me, some pen bandits are attaching meters on me. This is intrusion of privacy, Milord!
On these grounds, please grant me some justice, My Honour.
[The Court and the jury were more than happy to provide justice to the mighty pen fraternity.]
*Pen jives in joy*
Long Live, Pen!




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