Sunday, September 17, 2017

Let's Leave.

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Everything changes from now on. Things will be different.
Let’s leave. Let’s go to places we’ve never seen. You get your camera, I’ll get my giggles. We can pack our clothes in a backpack. I know I like more, but this time, less is more. Let’s camp under the stars, wake up in a cold desert, and cook in the wilderness. I’ll give you a book if you have nothing to read. And I’ll write you a poem or two every day. Let’s cross towns we’ve only heard of, places we’ve spotted only on a map. We’ll have lattes and black coffees in nondescript cafes and pick food only to eat on the road. Hold me if I cry looking at the sunset, and I’ll hold you when you tell me stories you’ve never told anyone else. Let’s get drunk on cheap wine and laugh at silly jokes. We’ll stop at every bookstore and music store on our way. Let’s call ourselves a flawed piece of art that seeks no validation. Let the stars, the Sun and the Moon witness our madness.

Trust me, it’ll be different this time.
We’ll do things we haven’t done before.
Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss a single thing.
But first, let’s leave.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Park Bench.

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There is a blue bench in a park nearby,
it is old, slightly broken, and I wonder
how many grueling seasons it withstood,
and still is,
it makes funny faces at me,
no, it’s not a figment of my imagination,
it’s real,
as real as you and me,
its ends are chipped,
kids leave paint blotches on it,
and it’s really beaten out of shape,
despite all the mess it is,
plants grow on each of its legs,
flowers of colours yellow and purple bloom
over it,
it’s real,
as real as you and me,
but do you think we can bloom amidst
all the muddle we’ve created?
do you think we can withstand the tough seasons as well?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sky Today.

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Today, the sky is in orange,
a beautiful and perhaps furious orange,
the kind of orange you look forward to momentarily
but never hope to see it recurrently,
it makes me wonder, though,
has the sky read my mind and painted my fury
and melancholy all over it?
or is it feeling what I’m feeling,
I do not know what it is about the sky that makes me
so inexorably sad,
or impossibly mellow,
but on days like these,
it just reminds me of you,
and you know what?
I just let it and take it all in,
because who knows when the sky will look like this,

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

This is how I love you.

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I'm a girl about city,
but I'll not parade you around the
places I go to,
you're not a piece to show off
or a trophy I take home,
that's not how I love you,
I love you through whispers and
silent prayers,
through hopeless dreams and
I'm not the girl who can cross oceans
for you,
instead, I'm the one who's all too willing
to jump into puddles of water with you
after the remnants of the last night's storm,
I'm the girl that loves you through poems, 9GAG memes,
undiscovered songs,
it'll never be easy,
it'll always be too much work,
you'll rant, I'll whine,
there'll be too many wishing stars and broken jars,
I'll call you my dirty little secret
but secretly I know you're my
best kept secret,
and I know I'm a girl about city,
but I don't want to be the one who follows you in
and out of coffee shops,
I want to be the one who makes you coffee in
the comfort of home.


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