Saturday, April 27, 2013

25 Things that Every Person Should Do!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, April 27, 2013 12 comments

1. Read. Read a lot.

2. Write. Write everything. Write about every moment that you experience, write about every memory that is awesome, write about every moment that is not-so-awesome, write till you are lost in your words. Write till you are exhausted. Write till you know you cannot write anymore

Or even better, write a book.

3. Travel. Maintain a journal. Write down everything. Take pictures. Make memories.

4. Fall in love. 

5. Get hurt. Fall apart. Cry out loud. Push everything away. Make yourself numb and immune to all the crap happening around you.

Experience the pain. And write down how it feels! No, really.

6. Write a song. Compose it. Refrain from singing it out loud. Or may be, you should just sing. You never know!

7. Go on a sabbatical.

8. Take a break from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Whatsapp, and of course, your mobile phone. It is easy. Try it.

9. Sleep a lot. Take a break from work and sleep for 48 hours straight. You know how awesome it feels?

10. Eat.A.Lot.

11. Sleep under the stars with your friends.

12. Wake up early in the morning and let the sun-rays play on the face of your loved one. Well, do you need anything more than such a beautiful sight? No, you do not!

13. Make a difference.

14. Spend a day eating a yummy chocolate cake and try not to feel guilty about the calories and all.

15. Go back-packing. Alone! Yes.

16. Quit your job. Find a job you love the most.

17. Spend all your money. Be broke.

18. Learn something new each day.

19. Slap all those idiots who ask you to 'move on.' It is so easy for people to say that. Obviously! They do not put themselves in your shoes and think, right? And if you have ever asked someone to move on..well, you know whom to slap first!

20. Talk about yourself to a stranger and let him judge you. Brutally!

And accept the criticism. Or the good stuff. ;)

21. Make promises. And promise yourself that you will fulfill every promise. After all, promises are meant to be fulfilled, isn't it?

22. Take a leap of faith and do the things that you badly want to do in spite of knowing and sensing the repercussions.

23. Shop till you drop.

24. Figure out what you need. Figure out what you want. Make a plan and make sure that everything happens according to your plan.

Make every effort to get what you want. What is the use of making plans and all when you cannot fight to achieve them?

25. Make some friends who love you. Love them back and do everything to make them happy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So Much For A Happy Ending!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, April 17, 2013 18 comments

IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR NOW. I AM TURNING INTO A MISERABLE WRECK. CAN YOU HELP ME? My friend shouted over phone. She was moping over her long distance relationship with this wonderful guy and she asked me if I could help her. Well, really? Those were the days when I was in college, I had no clue how these long distance relationships worked out. But still, I chose stupidity over silence and gave her all dumb ideas to help her come out of the misery.

For once, I should have put myself in her shoes, and understand the trauma she was going through. I could not! 

SUNAINA, YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I MISS HER. A MAJOR CHUNK OF MY LIFE IS MISSING AND I AM HELPLESS. I WANT TO BE THERE FOR HER, TAKE HER SHOPPING, BUY HER THE THINGS SHE LAYS HER EYES ON. I JUST WANT TO BE THERE FOR HER LISTENING TO HER TALKING ABOUT ALL THE RANDOM THINGS UNDER THE SKY. It was that wonderful guy who was smitten by the love bug and was equally suffering like my friend. It was strange to listen to a guy going all mushy-mushy yet it was amazing. I was happy for my friend. But I could not fathom why things were not working out for them. I hallucinated long distance relationships to be awesome. You know you get a lot of space, you do not have to put up with too many tantrums. Like, no drama, no trauma.

And once again, I chose stupidity over silence and lectured them on how awesome it is too be far away. Let alone long distance relationships, my knowledge in relationships was pretty slim back then. Though I refrained myself from suggesting drastic ideas, I gave them lame ideas which nearly killed them. Of course!

I still remember the bubble of joy on her face when she received his letter one day, the longing in her voice, and the disappointment in her voice when she read it. He wrote to her saying it was not working out. He told her it was to end. Both of them convinced themselves that it was meant to end. They put on strong faces, ignored friends and acted wise. They never ignored me..probably because I never asked them anything about their relationship. 

And then, one day, he spent a lot on an International call to his angelic friend (Read, Sunaina) and that probably is the best call he ever made to his friends. Says he, not me!

"I cannot stay without her."

"Umm. Really? I thought you were happy. Weren't you the one who thought it was supposed to end?"

"Let me tell you how unhappy I am."

"Do me a favour and spare me the drama. Tell me what you want to do."

"I want her back. Blah, blah. blah this, blah that, blah, blah all over again."

"Have you been listening to Avril Lavigne? Why are talking like a moron?"

"You won't understand. When you go through all this na, you will. You will no more listen to your Green Day. You will be the one listening to Mandy Moore, Avril and Kelly Clarkson. I will make fun of you then. Alright?"

"You wish, my friend, you wish."

And after all this friendly banter ended, he called her. It was one heck of a conference call and know..I had to put up with too much of well, you know it. And later, way too many things happened in their relationship, too many complications that I could never decipher, too much of drama that stoned me, too much of love that irked me.

It has been five years now and they are together and going stronger with every passing moment. Congratulations on getting engaged! I am so efffffing happy for you guys. XOXOXO

And anyway, aren't you like too young to be engaged? Yes, whatever!

P.S. I have been threatened and tormented horribly to write this.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Being Broke!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, April 10, 2013 3 comments

It is just the second week of the month and we haven't hit the weekend yet. But I am broke! Yes, already. I am always broke. I feel happy when I receive a text from my bank saying my salary has been credited. Who doesn't? And even if I am in a deep slumber drifting into a fairy-tale world, I wake up. I wake up and plant myself in front of my laptop. I order all random stuff online and convince myself that I would use them. Obviously! Why else do you buy stuff?

And well, you get the drift. I am broke by the end of the first week itself. The remaining days are, clearly, spent in misery. Sometimes, I wonder if my bank is stealing my money. Sometimes, I wonder if my wallet has a massive chunk of hole that makes my money fly away and then, like always some sense creeps into me. I open my closet, I open my shoe case, I look at my cup-boards and I understand where my money flew. And of course, there are times when a set of bills and all fall into my lap from my wallet. The 'souvenirs' as I call them. 

And now, I know how being broke feels. It feels hungry, it feels horrid, it feels like 'you need to buy every piece of shit but you cannot because you spent a greater deal on other shit in the first week of the month', it feels miserable and it feels know..a Mango dress with a pair of matching Steve Madden.

But on the other hand, being broke has its own benefits. For instance, let us see the following:

1. When I have money, I have this inane urge to buy useless things. And I buy them. And throw them away once expiry date comes closer.

When I am broke, I do not have to stress my brain on what to buy and what not to buy. 

2. I do not have to worry about buying things anymore. Because I let my father buy them. Ha! :D

3. You turn responsible. No, really!

But if you are a person like me, then, you don't. How sad!

But anyway, I tell you what? Your early twenties is the phase in your life when you can be irresponsible and get away with it. You do not have to think a lot, save a lot or worry a lot. Let us just save all the trauma for the post twenties and have a happy (and should I say extravagant) early twenties right now?

Hello, mommaa?? Are you listening?

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