Sunday, March 29, 2015

You Are My Lost Story!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, March 29, 2015 4 comments

As I think of the day we spent together, I try to put them into words.
I am not living in the past, I assure you.
But I am still fascinated by the beauty of those moments.
I still remember that day.
When I was in pink, and you were in blue.
With your dimples and the hair not so tamed, I still managed to find you debonair.
With my haircut disaster and a grin too long, you still managed to find me beautiful.

The conversations we had over the breakfast turned out to be our inside secrets.
All the kisses and hugs just remained as scars on my body.
I am not living in the past, I assure you.
But I still remember that afternoon.
When I crashed by your side, while watching TV.
And I still remember that evening.
When you stood by my side, as I was tying my hair up.
I guess I still remember that night when you dropped me home.
And when you sent me a message, “It was an amazing day.”

I remember all of it. Bits and pieces. Tiny shreds.
But I am not living in the past, I assure you.

The beauty of that day is still fresh in my mind.
The charm of those moments is preserved in my heart.
And your smile haunted me for days and weeks.

Maybe your aroma still engulfs me sometimes.
I admit you will be remembered.
But let me also confess this.

Someday, you will just remain as a lost story.
In the torn pages of an old journal.

Just Saying Hello!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, March 29, 2015 0 comments

What is happening to all the time? Is it just flying past me?

That is a million dollar question that troubles my mind time and again.

I mean, seriously. The last time I checked, it was still the beginning of March, and the month has come to an end already.

A lot of things have been happening  lately. And some come along with a silver lining.

I think I have graduated to be a world class jerk for a few things that went out of my control. I shall reserve that story for some other day. 

I have started taking criticism from anonymous people in my own stride. It is absolutely ludicrous how people could be so rude to you, and what's more fascinating is the fact that there are a lot of people who come to your support when things like that happen to you.

For instance, this is my first article on Women's Web, and this is what happened: What happened?

Or when the same person (I assume) tried to do this on my blog: Dreaming Under The Starlit Sky!

Thank you. Things like this just keep me going forward. 

I have been to Deccan Trails along with my friends for my best friend's birthday, and had one of the most beautiful nights.

The long drive to Vikarabad was absolutely lovely. The conversations were totally humourous. The starlit sky was beyond beautiful.

Nights like these remind me that beauty lies in the little things. It lies in the spark of your friend's eye when she cuts the cake, in a certain friend's gibberish when he is high, in the talking minion of another friend (I almost stole it), in the short walks with your friend, in the meaningless conversations, and in the long drives with Eminem's music blaring out loud.

Apart from all the beauty I am surrounded with, a lot of things have been happening at my workplace too. 

The only thing I hear myself wondering (But not saying out loud) during my lunch break is, I am in the right place.

Who knew I would be able to have fun at work? 

I guess I will write a little more from now. If not here, at other places. 

By the way, hello! 

Saturday, March 07, 2015

It was the Moon

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, March 07, 2015 3 comments

He looked up at the sky,
Losing himself in the millions of illuminating
While he was bewitched by their beauty and
It was the Moon and its austerity that held his heart.

Source of the picture: Star Girl Diaries

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