Monday, February 27, 2012

10 Types of Annoying People! :-D

By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, February 27, 2012 13 comments

Annoying people are found at every nook and corner of the Earth. If you hate a person, it is obvious that anything related to that person is quite annoying and yes, you have annoying moments too. (Like now, I've been writing this smartass piece of post and my lecturer yells at me, "Roll no 6, what are you writing?")
But these 10 types of annoying people are hated by all the sensible people and hell, they are found everywhere.

NOTE: If you don't find these people annoying, then I won't be much surprised to find you in the list. I digress.

And now, Voila! Let's get started.....

1) I absolutely loathe people who stain the books with oil marks or set wet glasses on them. Also, there are few idiots who have brains similar to that of Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya and put chewing gums in the books. Why, for crying out loud, you need chewing gums in the books?

2) This set of people are those wonderful specimens who have accepted plagiarism as a way of their life. *Sigh!*

3) This set of people are hated by the entire bookworm fraternity. These people lose your books and blatantly lie that they have returned them back. How simple, right? Dirty leeches.

4) Gluttons! Yes, they happily snatch your lunch box, gobble up every crumb, and lick your box. Eew, how gross!

5) Precocious Nerds! Now these set of kids are hated by all the students. They remind teachers of tests, assignments, attendance etc. What the heck? Just because they have completed their damned work, it doesn't mean that they leap out of their benches and climb onto the teachers. (Not literally, though!)
I know, I know, they have a pea sized brain and don't really multi-task like us. They aren't creative and hence are so jobless. :-/

6) This set of people are hated by me and my friend Asisha. (If they have other haters too, then hi-fi mates ;-) )

SPOTLIGHT: [Tadaaaan] Yes, they are those a little-too-big immature twerps who wear zoo-zoo T-shirts, buy zoo-zoo bags, key-chains and pretend asiff zoo-zoo is a contemporary Spongebob.

7) People with fake accent.
Seriously, get a life guys!

8) This set doesn't need much description, we are well familiar with them: Oh yes, these are the lecturers who compare classrooms with fish markets.
Fish markets? Seriously?
Since how many generations are the teachers using this?

9) This set consists of only one person: SALMAN KHAN.
I do not like him a tiny bit.

10) Metal Heads! Oh hell, dear metal heads, you've made it to my list of annoying people. I hate your gibberish lyrics, which anyway cannot be deciphered with your music. And no, you aren't true Rock Music fans and Kurt Cobain would never have approved of you. Never!
And if you are a metal head, then I am really sorry but I meant PURE OFFENCE.
                                              "In your face, fellas!"

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