Wednesday, August 16, 2017


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Right now, my mind is a malleable trench of emotions and thoughts,
easily swayed as the gust of wind,
but also as composed as a stubborn ox,
maybe it has a mind of its own,
how ridiculous,
if my mind has a mind of its own,
unconditionally untamed by me,
then what is it that I can do?
should I tap into the inner realms of my mind
to remind it of my integrity?
or must I surrender to it?
it feels stupid, of course,
to dictate terms just because I want to,
but then, how do I stop feeling things that I
shouldn’t if I don’t break the silly trench free?

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Left Behind.

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I knew you wanted to be engulfed in the magnanimity of the sprawling Himalayas,
and walk the streets of New York,
you were a bit obsessed with the Swiss Alps,
and with the houseboats on the Dal Lake,
remember the times you'd point pictures of various towns and
cities across the world?
and that you wanted to be there,
live there,
see the snow melt in your palms,
I know you haven't been to any of them,
in fact, you haven't been anywhere,
but I will go to all the places you dreamed of,
touch them with your presence,
and maybe leave a bit of yourself there,
after all, I'm a bit of yourself that you left behind.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


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When was the last time you wept at the sight of a sunrise? Did you ever?

I've always been besotted with the sky. The starlit night, the melancholic sunset, and the sanguine sunrise - my romance with all the shades and moods of the sky for an inexplicable reason seems to make me restless, though. Will I ever see them in different cities across other continents? Over deserts, cold and hot, and over clear Californian beaches? Does nightfall seem exotic in Paris and does it appear pensive in Prague? I really want to see the rising sun in Turkey and discover how it actually rises in Cherrapunji. If I had to make a bucket list right now, observing the sky transform its mood from bitter to joyous to charming will top the list.

P.S. Actually, wait. If I could, I would prefer sunsets to sunrises.

Friday, August 11, 2017


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I might stop remembering the sound of your laugh,
I might stop knowing your scent,
I might stop smiling to the tone of your sleepy voice,
I might stop recollecting how sometimes your smile
doesn't reach your eyes,
I might stop telling you about my day in detail,
I might stop looking at your pictures and wonder
what you must be doing,
or what you must be reading,
or if you are writing one of your delightful little stories,
I might stop asking you absolutely anything,
I might stop having the urge to send you little notes,
I might even stop trying to read between the lines,
and then slowly, someday,
I might stop hurting when I learn to unlove you,
maybe I could,
maybe I should,
but till then,
you're all I think about.


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