Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lazy Days are Here to Stay! :-|

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, June 20, 2012 9 comments

Oh well, I am talking about the holidays. There were moments in my life when I desperately waited for holidays to come, or at least the weekends, and even worse, for the Independence Day, for a holiday. You know, how it is, right? The life of an engineer? We get loads of work, and assignments to do. Of course, we never complete them but hey, we pretend like we are the most hard-working creatures on this planet. Anyway, my point is not to disgrace us, The Techies, but to talk about the holidays which have turned me into a lazy bug. Few friends call me hard-working, workaholic and similar things but they are friends and they tend to say such things. Right?

Holidays..umm..holidays! Okay, the things I am doing in the holidays and the things I have learnt. 

  • Holidays are fun! But only if they are for a shorter period of time. These long term holidays can be very boring and will get you nowhere. 
  • Facebook was so much when I had college. You know, you can talk crap about your lecturers, HOD, and your principal; you can crib about not having holidays; you can bunk classes and update dumb statuses, use Facebook as a mere mean of escaping lectures. I hate to say this but I am missing my crappy college. 
  • I am tweeting. Uh huh, not the sensible things. But the senseless things. Well, that is why twitter exists, right? Twitter is so much fun when you are jobless and have nothing worthy to say on Facebook. For instance, 'Yay! I am eating ice-cream', and then 'Yay! My second scoop of ice-cream', or 'Hey! You are a douche-bag' (Basically, things that do not make any sense at all)
  • I thought I would read all the awesome books in holidays. Yes, I am reading but I guess, I went over-board and read some crappy ones too. Just to warn you, never read 'The Boy Next Door' by Meg Cabot. It is pretty much boring and the entire book is in mails. Yes, the story is narrated in the form of e-mails. * Face-palm*
  • When I was in college, I had no time to write. I would sneak out my journal book to write during lectures only to be lectured by my HOD, or even worse, to be screamed at, 'Roll No 6, what are you writing?' Well, obviously I cannot tell her that I was writing shitty things about her.  :D
  • Okay! The above situation is when I had no time to write. Now, I have all the time in the world to write but I do not have any topics to write on. (Topics which might interest me)
  • Music! Ah yes, I have downloaded music from all sites, downloaded music of all my favourite bands and singers, downloaded music from all my favourite movies and now, gave up. I just have too many songs. Now please do not tell me that I haven't downloaded Chris Brown or Justin Bieber, I hate them.
  • When I had college, I saw Indian Idol and its repeat telecasts too. And now? Let alone, the repeat telecasts, I am not able to watch the actual telecasts. Terrible!
  • And oh hey, the movies. I have seen so many movies, so many times that I probably know all the dialogues of Pride and Prejudice even better than Keira and Matthew MacFadyen. Of course, I have seen some wretched movies too. *Sigh*

And honestly I miss going to the college, not for the love of the college but for the best things that these four years of college has given me. I miss getting my jeans dirty in the rain, I miss sleeping during lectures, I miss eating my canteen's half-boiled, half-cooked food, I miss getting lectured for having low attendance, I miss running behind dingy hospitals for medical certificates, I miss breaking the dress code rules. Oh hell, my college wasn't so bad after all.

And, I don't believe I said that! :D

Saturday, June 09, 2012

I See Her

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, June 09, 2012 25 comments

25 minutes
She did not come.
45 minutes
She must have been stuck in a traffic jam.
60 minutes
Now I am scared. 

Ananya was never late. She was always on time. I have been meeting her in this park for the past six months and she has never been late. She would reach here by 8 PM and stay till 9 PM. She would not stay for a minute over 9 even if I pleaded her. I fell on her feet too.Tough luck! Never worked. She said she had family issues. I said that I understood. Honestly, I never did. She never gave me her number. She said she did not have one. I never forced her into anything. I loved her. I found solace in her. After a hectic day of work at college, she was the only one that gave me happiness. Pure happiness! The sixty minutes of time that I spent with her on this bench gave me the world of joy. She was mine

But she did not come today. The next day.  And the very next day.

I could not take her off my mind. Her long black tresses, her big black eyes, her expressions made me sigh. Where did she go? There was no way that I could get to her. Did she realize that she was throwing me into a mess? I stopped going to the college and sat in the park the whole day. May be she decided to come early? She wouldn't even be able to contact me. I thought of all the moments I spent with her. She always dressed in light colours. I saw her mostly in white and pink. She loved pink. She always laughed loudly, and always smiled. She reserved a special smile for me. It made me go crazy. She was mine.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into some more weeks, and no, they did not turn into months. I wouldn't let that happen, would I? I vaguely remembered the name of the locality she stayed. She said many times that it was her favourite place. I wasted no time. I got into my car and reached her locality. It took me an odd thirty minutes. It did not take much time for me to recognize her house. The name plate on a house showed her surname. I went in. After a few impatient knocks, her servant opened the door. I asked for Ananya, he took me to a room which had her parents in it. Her mom looked like an older version of Ananya. I understood where her good looks have come from.

"Aunty, I am Ananya's friend. Can I talk to her for a while?" I wanted to see her. I was desperate.

"Since when have you been her friend?” she eyed me warily.

"Umm, six months."

"You are joking. Aren't you?"

"Why would I? She is not coming to the college every day. We were worried. Can I meet her once?", her dad did not even look at me. Arrogance! :|

"Boy! Are you out of your mind? Are you even at the right Ananya's place?"

"Are you Mrs Malhotra?"

"Very much I am."

"Then I am at the right place. Call her. Please!"

"You make no sense at all. I suppose you were on a long break, and a very long one at that."

She sighed and asked me to follow her. She took me to a room and showed me a picture. I stood at my place and did not move a tiny bit. Aunty put a piece of paper in my hand and left the room. No! This couldn't have happened. I met her just three weeks ago. Tears welled in my eyes. 

15th April, 2008. Her death certificate was dated with this. It has been four years now. And I could see her. My world was devastated. How could she die? I walked out of her house dazed.

I drove like a madman. Period. I saw her, I saw her. She was standing by the park. The same special smile! And before I could stop her, I saw her vanish into thin air in front of my eyes. It sent a chill down my spine. 

It all happened in seconds and I couldn't do anything. But I did not want to sulk over it. She chose to show herself to me. Just me! I felt special. There was a reason for everything and this girl made my life special. Indeed! 

I headed back home with a smile on my face. I was special. And she was mine.

I still see her at times today. She doesn't talk to me. But whenever I am in trouble, she appears. I know that she will be there for me. Forever!

Today, I am fifty and it's my daughter Ananya's wedding. Nothing has changed. I still see her.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

That Happy Birthday!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, June 05, 2012 8 comments

Birthdays are supposed to be the most special days in anyone's life. And I am a total Birthday-ho! I love my birthdays and I literally do wait for them. Yes, seriously. :-) Yesterday, I turned 21 and it was certainly one of the best birthdays I ever had. When people say 'Hey, you are 21 now. Behave like one', I really do not understand why we are supposed to behave like an adult. I mean, we do not grow in one night, do we? 

Okay, so my birthday this year was pretty much fun, like I already said. Taking from wasting the food to paying the exorbitant bill, we had fun. We talked a lot, made introverts talk a lot, littered Coffee Day, threw spoons and hurled forks everywhere, and people who have been friends with me for eleven years did remind me that we have been friends for these many years and hell, made fun of Asisha and Anirudh! :-)

I loved opening the presents, cutting the yummy cake, getting clicked, hitting Kiran, chatting with Nisheetha and Asisha, savouring the chocolicious-coffeelicious drinks, talking and posing, and hated the music. :-|

And hey, it was my happy 21! :-D


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