Friday, January 17, 2014

Let Me Love You At Your Worst!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Friday, January 17, 2014 14 comments

Watson: Why is she like this?
Sherlock: Because you chose her.

The moment I watched this scene, I knew it was going to be the best part of the entire episode. It indeed did.

I vividly remember asking myself countless times, “Why did I choose you of all people? Could I not choose someone better?

But I chose you.

I chose trouble. I chose disorder. I chose pain.

I chose you. Because you keep me emotionally alive. I chose my stupidity over shrewdness.

And for all intents and purposes, I fell in love with you and there isn’t a better way of expressing this, I reckon. I want to love you at your worst.

I want to love you when you crease your forehead because of the hot summer heat, I want to love you when you freak out because the food doesn't get delivered on time, and I want to love you when you are majorly disappointed with someone in your life. I will not brush it aside as a quarter-life crisis.

I will love you when you are tired and I know I must suffer the repercussions. I will love you and put up with all your whims and caprices. I will love you when things do not work out. I will love you even when I realize that you are pushing me away for my own good. I will love you even when you are going through a major trauma. I will love you because I know I want to be your strongest even at your weakest.

I want to love you when you break down, I will hold your arm, and stand by your side. I want to love you when you want me to hold you because you miss someone. I want to love you in your failure even when I am not with you in your victory. No matter whoever is with you in your happiness, I want to love you in your turmoil and despair; hopelessness and melancholy. I want to love you in your insecurities and dire straits. 

I want to love you like how a certain writer would love his first book, like how a painter would love his most underrated yet precious piece of work, like how a musician would love a tune that brings back all his best memories I will love you like how a poet would love his tragedy. I want to love you like how Moon would love the Sun. I want to love you like how an alcoholic holds on to his pain. 

I want to love you a little more. A little more with every passing day.

So, would you let me love you at your worst? Just let me.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

This Is How You Raise Your Son!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, January 15, 2014 0 comments

This post is inspired from Thought Catalog's "10 Controversial Ways I Plan On Raising My Daughter." The moment I read it, I knew I had to write something similar.

People, or to be more precise, Indians are very concerned about how a girl child should be raised. You know there are a set of restrictions, and some really weird godforsaken rules that are passed on from the ancestors. Some rules are just beyond our comprehension. But I wonder why boys do not have to go through this major structure in their childhood. They are a little lucky. 

I know I am an amateur at this subject, and oh, I have no knowledge at all in this section but I really think it would be great if boys are raised up like this. (Some of the rules apply to girls too.)

1. Teach him. Teach him to respect people, and their ideas irrespective of the age. He must be able to respect people younger than him. Teach him to respect the right things. It does not really matter if the person who commits a mistake is older than him, he should be able to respect the right things only.

2. Art should be a major part of his childhood. Men who take interest in art tend to be smarter than the men who don't. They tend to be more considerate too.

Read to him in the night. Make him paint. Send him to music classes. 

Make a note that art and education should go together. 

3. Have you noticed that most of the men look for the qualities of their mother in a girl they like? It is impossible. Teach them that it is stupid. Your mother and the girl you like are two different people. No one can replace your mother. Teach them that from a very tender age.

This way they will not have any expectations.

4. Raise him without a religion, or a faith. You have been a religious chauvinist, and you know it. Do not let it get to him too. 

Give him the freedom to make his choices right from the childhood. 

5. It is okay if he fails and makes mistakes. Do not admonish him for that. 

It is alright if he scores 80%. Not everyone is meant to score 90%. In the process of abusing him for his performance at school, you are letting a 'Mozart in the making' slip away.

6. There is more to a girl than her looks, and her body. Teach him to respect women. 

This world has enough sexists already. We do not need more of them.

7. Do you find it strange that an individual changes massively after he turns into a parent? Of course, he takes up more responsibilities, and all that. But do you also realize that he turns into a selfish human being? He expects his child (boys and girls) to do everything as he wants. 

Give a break, people. They join the school, college, and an organization of your choice. You choose their friends and the person they are supposed to spend an eternity with. You choose their car, their house, its interiors and basically, everything. Why, just why do that? What is the point in raising a child when you intend to snatch their freedom from their hands when they turn 22-23? Don't you realize that you are turning your child into your replica? 

Seriously, it is not a cool thing. It is high time parents realize this.

Apart from this, we love our parents for all that they do for us. No offence.

8. It is too much for us to handle the male ego. 

Parents should raise a kid with the right amount of self esteem. Not ego.

You have male zeta ego? Good for you! Do not thrust it on others. 

9. Ask him to document his life. Give him a camera and a journal. Ask him to make memories and maintain a note of every tiny detail. Even the bad ones.

10. Travel a lot. Take him to different places. Meet different people. Introduce him to different cultures. Let him know the world. Just let him experience different things.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ten Signs She Is Not Into You!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, January 07, 2014 5 comments

We all have read enough articles on how to know if a man is not into you. In fact, we watched a movie too. I will let you into a secret, most of us don't care if a man is not into us. It is a man's job to flatter us, and display his awesomeness a little flamboyantly. We, women, will relax, and pick the best. 

Some men just do not stop picking signs to check if a woman likes them or not. These poor men put on their puppy faces and do so much and yet face rejection, and start bashing women everywhere. So, to make this better, I'll tell you how to know if she is not into you. Very simple, cliched ones. I am sure most of the men have already experienced them.

1. You are so sweet that you like all her pictures, check-ins, selfies, statuses, and basically, you don't just stop there. You retweet her tweets, and repost all her Instagram pictures too. 

She does not give two hoots about all this. Let alone liking your pictures, she would not even acknowledge your very presence for all we know.

No, she is not mean. She is just not into you!

2. A girl is totally into you if she uses WhatsApp just for you. If she texts you only when she is bored, you know what it means, right?

And oh, must I mention that she will never return any of your calls?

3. If she does not talk about you to her friends, then she is definitely not into you. We, women, tend to discuss even about a stray dog lurking around in our neighbourhood.

So, if a woman doesn't brag about a man in front of her friends, it is a clear no-no.

4. Isn't it ludicrous that she always has an excuse to avoid meeting you? I mean, it is just like she wrote down all those reasons in a notebook, and each time you ask her out, one of those famous reasons are hurled at you.

Life is cruel, mate. Can't help it!

5. She will NEVER dress up when she has to meet you. She might turn up as an alien with a messy hairdo, no make up, and kohl that smudges.

If a woman doesn't get dolled up for you, it means she doesn't care. At all.

6. She will never talk to you about her favourite writers. She will never share her secrets with you. She will never share her playlist with you.

She will always treat you like an outsider. 

7. She makes more plans with her girlfriends than you. 

8. You feel like an interloper when you are out with her friends. You feel uncomfortable, and she does not make any effort to make you feel comfortable.

9. Your plans with her includes only movies where both of you don't have to communicate. 

She will never let you pay her bills. She unleashes feminism talk when you insist on paying her share of the bill too.

She won't do lunches, long drives, and walks with you.  She reserves those for the one she is so into.

10. She will never share her emotions with you. She does not come to you to be the saviour of her problems. You aren't her superhero, and she will make it clear to you right from the beginning. But you were busy looking for signs from the Universe. Weren't you?

Oops! I did not mean to offend anyone.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Goodbye To Your Favourite Fictional Characters!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, January 02, 2014 11 comments
“I like stories about supervillains. They teach children that you can accomplish great things even when the whole world is against you.” 

I have a really annoying habit of getting attached to fictional characters. Like most of the readers, I laugh, cry, and jump in joy along with them. Ah! The little joys of being an avid reader, right? All good things must end and so do the stories. How does it feel to bid a tearful adieu to your favourite fictional character? How does it feel to bid a goodbye to your favourite childhood hero? 

I agree, a writer immortalizes the character, the protagonists, the villains, and the metaphors. But the book comes to an end. *Sniff* We won't experience the journey of the character again. Unless, we decide to read the book again. And again. 

Who comes to your head when someone talks about fictional characters? Of all the characters I love, Hector of Troy tops the list. Truth be told, it was awful when he dies. I could never fathom why Achilles is SO overrated. There were moments when I felt Achilles was outright ridiculous. I mean seriously, Hector is an epitome of a true hero. 

Sherlock Holmes, my childhood hero, is one character that most of us love. All the followers of Holmes, raise your arms. (Woot! I see all of them raising their arms. Some of them raised both their arms in excitement.) The question here is why, just why did Sir Doyle end the awesomeness of Holmes so soon? There could have been stories, more investigations, more mysteries. More. Just a little more.

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is one of the most beautiful characters. I fell in love with her character the moment I read the book. Needless to say, it was very painful to see her go through so much agony. Leo Tolstoy created one of the best female protagonists with Anna Karenina. Such beauty!

Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together the pieces of a broken vase. Her heart was broken. Why would they try to cure her with pills and powders?

Bruce Wayne! One cannot help but fall in love with him. And we all know how we felt when Bruce Wayne sacrificed Batman for the greater good. We had to leave a major part of our childhood there, and walk out. And we walked out, pouting and throwing tantrums like children. 

Jane Austen's Darcy is one of the most influential characters. Most of the women are SO into Darcy that they want their men to be like Darcy. How ridiculous! Saying goodbye to Darcy is one thing, but asking garbage to turn into gold? Not happening, ladies. Darcy is Darcy for a reason. If all men could be like him, Darcy would have never gotten so popular in the first place. 

I must also say that 90% of my friends wept when Harry Potter ended. They are SO delusional that they claim that it is a sheer injustice. They never wanted Harry Potter to end. They wanted to grow old with Harry Potter. Silly lives!

It is always painful to say goodbye to your favourite character. You treat your favourite fictional as a real person. You talk to it, cry with it, and laugh with it. I am glad I read, I fall in love with so many characters, live their lives and treat them as my own. We must be so glad, and thankful to all the writers who create such wonderful characters that were a part of us, and somewhere down the line, we'll meet more interesting characters. More stories. But the goodbyes are always heart wrenching unless the book is horrid enough for you to leave it mid way.


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