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Goodbye To Your Favourite Fictional Characters!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, January 02, 2014
“I like stories about supervillains. They teach children that you can accomplish great things even when the whole world is against you.” 

I have a really annoying habit of getting attached to fictional characters. Like most of the readers, I laugh, cry, and jump in joy along with them. Ah! The little joys of being an avid reader, right? All good things must end and so do the stories. How does it feel to bid a tearful adieu to your favourite fictional character? How does it feel to bid a goodbye to your favourite childhood hero? 

I agree, a writer immortalizes the character, the protagonists, the villains, and the metaphors. But the book comes to an end. *Sniff* We won't experience the journey of the character again. Unless, we decide to read the book again. And again. 

Who comes to your head when someone talks about fictional characters? Of all the characters I love, Hector of Troy tops the list. Truth be told, it was awful when he dies. I could never fathom why Achilles is SO overrated. There were moments when I felt Achilles was outright ridiculous. I mean seriously, Hector is an epitome of a true hero. 

Sherlock Holmes, my childhood hero, is one character that most of us love. All the followers of Holmes, raise your arms. (Woot! I see all of them raising their arms. Some of them raised both their arms in excitement.) The question here is why, just why did Sir Doyle end the awesomeness of Holmes so soon? There could have been stories, more investigations, more mysteries. More. Just a little more.

Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina is one of the most beautiful characters. I fell in love with her character the moment I read the book. Needless to say, it was very painful to see her go through so much agony. Leo Tolstoy created one of the best female protagonists with Anna Karenina. Such beauty!

Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together the pieces of a broken vase. Her heart was broken. Why would they try to cure her with pills and powders?

Bruce Wayne! One cannot help but fall in love with him. And we all know how we felt when Bruce Wayne sacrificed Batman for the greater good. We had to leave a major part of our childhood there, and walk out. And we walked out, pouting and throwing tantrums like children. 

Jane Austen's Darcy is one of the most influential characters. Most of the women are SO into Darcy that they want their men to be like Darcy. How ridiculous! Saying goodbye to Darcy is one thing, but asking garbage to turn into gold? Not happening, ladies. Darcy is Darcy for a reason. If all men could be like him, Darcy would have never gotten so popular in the first place. 

I must also say that 90% of my friends wept when Harry Potter ended. They are SO delusional that they claim that it is a sheer injustice. They never wanted Harry Potter to end. They wanted to grow old with Harry Potter. Silly lives!

It is always painful to say goodbye to your favourite character. You treat your favourite fictional as a real person. You talk to it, cry with it, and laugh with it. I am glad I read, I fall in love with so many characters, live their lives and treat them as my own. We must be so glad, and thankful to all the writers who create such wonderful characters that were a part of us, and somewhere down the line, we'll meet more interesting characters. More stories. But the goodbyes are always heart wrenching unless the book is horrid enough for you to leave it mid way.


Jemina on 2 Jan 2014, 08:37:00 said...

So true Sunaina, There are so many books which lifted us from this world and whisked us away. We thrive on imagination along with our favt. fictional characters. Their stories are more like catalysts to out thoughts. We literally start living their lives untill the last chapter of the book is read and even beyond it comes to SHERLOCK HOLMES...;)

Sunaina on 2 Jan 2014, 17:09:00 said...

@Jemina: I know right. :D

Jennifer on 4 Jan 2014, 03:32:00 said...

Great article - but did you ever really fall in love with a character - when you then want to read romantic fanfiction about him and can't stop imagining more and more stories?

This is so interesting I think - what feelings we can feel with a fictional character - the mind is amazing and if you try really hard you can feel a love you have never experienced before - a pure love, because the mind makes it so perfect :)

Sunaina on 4 Jan 2014, 06:30:00 said...

@Jennifer: Oh, totally! I fell in love with Darcy. So badly. And irrevocably. *Sighs*

Just can't imagine how Jane Austen created that character. But of course, her muse Tom Lefroy.

Thank you so much! :)

Arjun Krishna on 7 Jan 2014, 03:00:00 said...

In the darkest of my days, I seek comfort in the writings of many people..Your blog is one of them..thanks a lot Sunaina..women like u resurrect my faith in women :)

Sunaina on 7 Jan 2014, 03:10:00 said...

@Arjun: Wow! Much thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Sherlock Holmes. Truly my childhood hero. And I recalled one more childhood fictional character of mine through this post - Nancy Drew. I used to read her books in my school library. Thank You :-)

Sunaina on 7 Oct 2014, 11:34:00 said...

@Swaroop: :-)

saichandra sv on 26 Oct 2014, 22:10:00 said...

I started laughing 😆 a bit loud until I realised that I was in crowded bus 🚌 and people were looking at me awkwardly.. And still troy is one of my favourites . Thanks for recalling these characters

saichandra sv on 26 Oct 2014, 22:13:00 said...

Kudos to all writers

saichandra sv on 26 Oct 2014, 22:39:00 said...

Huckleberry fin and Alice in wonderworld used to be my favourite fictional characters


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