Thursday, September 20, 2012

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have started reading chic-lits very recently and I love them. Having said that, I must also say that I love chic-lits only if they are written by Sophie Kinsella. And honestly, I have never taken a great liking towards Meg Cabot’s books but I must admit that this book was an interesting one.

This book is the third part of the Queen of Babble series and I made a note to read the other parts too. So the story goes like this—A boy, a girl, and the love. Such a cliché! But there are few added twists to this story.

Lizzie, a wedding gown restorer, she loves her job and is a workaholic. She falls in love with a man called Luke, who has no responsibility at all. Luke keeps migrating from his interests and of course, professions too. And then, there is Luke’s best friend, Chaz! Once in a while, you read a book and you fall in love with a character. Chaz is definitely one such character. All I did imagine while reading the book was Ashton Kutcher as Chaz.

Luke dumps Lizzie and goes away from New York. He says that he cannot see her in his future. She tries to forget him, cries, and cuddles with Chaz who happens to love her. Everything seems okay but one morning, things go topsy-turvy.

Luke comes back to Lizzie with a big rock and proposes her. Like every girl, she melts and goes weak in the knees and accepts his proposal without a second thought and bang, things go so wrong that she cannot pull herself from the mess.

On one hand, she thinks that she loves Luke and on the other hand, she is attracted towards Chaz and wants him for herself but of course, she doesn’t admit that. In simple words, she lives in denial. In due course, she develops a friendship with a celebrity and loses out on it just like all her relationships.

The remaining part of the story is how she mends her broken relationships with the celebrity, how she walks out of the relationship and has an adventurous relationship with Chaz (This so satisfied my evil mind), and of course, her wedding.

This book is one of those few contemporary chic-lits with the right amount of romance and comedy.  


Sugumar on 21 Sep 2012, 11:08:00 said...

Good one!! :)

Sunaina on 21 Sep 2012, 11:20:00 said...

Thank you! :D


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