Saturday, September 15, 2012

Confessions of A Rockstar!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, September 15, 2012

We formed a rock-band with so many ideas in mind, and so many thoughts and plans. We wanted to create a revolution by playing mere tunes on our guitars, we imagined crowds swooning over us, and girls going gaga over us. Thrash! It takes a lot of hard-work, and talent to reach that level but most importantly, we need a good network and contacts. Of course!

It was the day of our first gig. We were invited to a non-descript college to perform in their annual fest and it was on that day we realized that the rock scene in India or to be more precisely, in Hyderabad was so old school. The crowd was hilarious. Let alone head-banging, they did not even stand in spite of begging them to stand. Literally! And we had to stop. I mean how much can we beg them to cheer us? And then there are people who can never differentiate between grunge rock and emo rock. What a shame!

The most common misconception is: A rock-star should have long, dishevelled hair! Whatever happened to the neat cut, clean-shaven look? Well, God alone knows. It is said that few rock-stars are drug-addicts; it is evident that few are addicted to booze, and it is clear that few are addicted to Red-Bull. And we are teetotallers and hence, are treated as underdogs. Disgusting!

These days, there is no value for rock music. Yes, really! People care only for metal music. People who do not accept rock music, or for that matter any form of music happily accept metal music and fall head over heels for it. We are tired of attending rock-band contests too because eventually, at the end of the day, it is always a metal band that bags the first prize. And that is just so predictable, right?

And then, there is always a problem with finding proper rooms for jamming. Our parents are never so altruistic in this area. Unfortunately, almost every band faces this problem. The crowd here hardly enjoys Clapton and Springsteen and sorry, we are not much into Iron-Maiden or Carpathian Forest and if you consider that as a crime then who cares? Just like you do not care about our music, we do not care about your hatred for us. Also, we cannot go around playing thrash metal, encouraging satanic verses, and killing our love for music.
Now, we just hope that....people would encourage good music, no matter whichever band it is. We believe in good music. And one day, we would just love to come out with a good band, and when we die, we want a history like John Lennon or Kurt Cobain, for that matter.


Asisha on 2 Oct 2012, 02:55:00 said...

Great post ! :)
True, Real ROck has lost its value.. Thanks to Metal Music !

Sunaina on 2 Oct 2012, 04:45:00 said...

Thanks! :)


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