Saturday, August 05, 2017


By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, August 05, 2017

When you're desolate, angry, and alone
take my hand and put it on your heart,
tall promises of fixing you aren't my forte,
but I will hear your heartbeat,
make you feel alive,
because that's the greatest luxury we can own sometimes.

When you're gleeful, cheerful, and basking in glory,
try, maybe try and look into my eyes across the room,
I don't want you to fill the space between us with words,
I'm happy sharing the silence of everything that's unsaid
even if I say otherwise.

When you're distant and you have no clue of what's happening around you,
look into the sunset,
cry if you must,
and know that you're loved and this world is barely beautiful without you.

When you're burning with desire,
but your feet refuse to go everywhere your heart leads you to,
remember, just remember that sometimes the Spring has to bloom somewhere else too.

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