Thursday, July 04, 2013

Fifteen Priceless Moments!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, July 04, 2013

1. Receiving emails from strangers appreciating your work. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of them and they simply make my day. 

2. The food your mother makes on your birthday. I believe nothing can beat that. No restaurant can ever match up the taste.

3. The warmth of your bed after a long, tiring day. And the aroma of coffee wafting through your room. 

4. Fighting with someone and realizing that you were smiling throughout the argument. 

5. Walking down the road with your four year old cousin and listen to him talk about his friends at school. Everything is just so perfect in those moments. Your little cousin, his laughter, his teeny-weeny dimples and the friendly banter. You don't need anything more. Gold!

6. The bittersweet emotions you feel on the last day of your school, and college. That feeling of happiness that you are finally free but oh-oh, you don't want to grow up yet. Wearing a back-pack, holding a book in your arm, walking with your friends and talking senseless things somehow make a lot of sense than reading Paulo Coelho. No offense!

7. That awesome feeling of walking on cold, wet grass!

8. The arrival of your father from a long official trip. And digging his bag open to check if there are any goodies. Gold!

9. That lovely moment when you find old, battered pictures of you, your family and friends. So many memories!

10. Bunking school to watch Pokemon. 

11. First love! 

12. That cute moment when you see the person you love the most after a painfully long forty days and the world around you ceases to matter. 

13. A pillow fight with your brother!  :D

14. A night out with a friend and telling horror stories to each other. 

15. That amazing moment when you are going on a long drive in rain and your favourite song plays on the radio.


Varun Singh on 4 Jul 2013, 10:34:00 said...

Although I agree with each and every point out there but the 1st one is just amazing because, we never expect such things to happen! :)
But it feels great when somebody appreciates your work!

Asisha on 4 Jul 2013, 20:37:00 said...

This made me forget what I was doing, and think about all the good ol' times :)
Don't want to get back to work!

Sunaina on 5 Jul 2013, 05:18:00 said...

@Varun: Yes! :)

@Asisha: Edsav le.

SAI KRISHNA on 7 Jul 2013, 07:22:00 said...

bunking school to watch Pokemon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol true dat

Vidhi Malhotra on 8 Jul 2013, 04:40:00 said...

So true and Wonderful :)

Sunaina on 8 Jul 2013, 06:35:00 said...

@Sai Krishna: Lol!

@Vidhi: :D


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