Sunday, February 16, 2014

You Are High. You Don't Know It Yet.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, February 16, 2014

“We were not a hugging people. In terms of emotional comfort it was our belief that no amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well made cocktail.” 

"You are high. Stop it now."

"I don't get high. I am perfectly normal. Oh, look I can perfectly walk with that 5 inch heel."

"Sure, you do. You walk with a panache."

Alright, this is one of those much cliched conversations that friends have. Drunk dialing, a weird habit, gives you mixed feelings. You feel miserable yet content; stupid yet happy; vexed yet pleasant.

The music keeps blaring in the background, some nondescript band, you feel a little buzzed and paint a hazy yet rosy picture of paradise. You feel ethereal. You hear your friends taking your name multiple times, and then one of them yells, "Someone snatch her phone."

Too late. The damage is done. 

"Save me." An unclear message that was sent from your phone to a stranger now. 

What? Just what were you thinking? Of course, in your defence, you weren't in the right senses. But did you just have to behave like a damsel in distress? Were you expecting a superhero to come rescue you? You retard! 

How many of us are actually familiar with situations like these? How many of us just don't give a second thought before doing nasty stuff when we are high? 

It is fun. I get it. You are young. You are meant to get wasted often. We all go overboard sometimes.

I have this friend who calls his lost friends only when he is drunk. He thinks it is fun. Little does he realize that he weeps the next morning! He confesses the little mistakes he has done. He whines about how the times have changed, complains about the quarter life crisis. Like most of us, the twenty somethings, he cannot clean his own mess. Sweet life!

The obsession of drunk dialing takes over you SO much that it gives you a whiplash. You wake up in the morning, your head heavy, your life disoriented, ashamed of the things you've done. It brings back all the painful memories of the past. Some tiny part of you, lost between the molasses of fat, or ugh, non-fat in your body wants to hold on to those memories, you go nostalgic, and whoa, you decide to humiliate yourself. Perfect! The bliss of getting alcohol in your body is all gone. It is not fun anymore. I mean look at you, you have turned into an emotional masochist.

But some lessons are meant to be learned the hard way!

So the next time you are drunk, cut yourself from the technology, survey the damage, and apologize. Let go of the things that make you want to drunk dial. They are destructive and not worth it.

Get a cup of coffee, laugh about it, and do some epic shit. I am certain most of the artists would agree with me on this, some of the best work is done when you are drunk, when your brain stops functioning, when you stop whacking yourself with practicality.

You get high.

You just don't know it yet.


Empty Rucksack on 16 Feb 2014, 08:01:00 said...

Drunk dialing is damaging...a lesson learnt in time. My experience has been drunk anything could be dangerous :P

Sunaina on 16 Feb 2014, 08:03:00 said...

@Empty Rucksack: I believe so too!

Danny Simon on 16 Feb 2014, 09:05:00 said...

Drinking kills... yourself and your relationships.... well written

Jemina on 16 Feb 2014, 10:07:00 said...

an Artist- lol, much of a drama-queen actually,
you are right- some of the epic shit happens when high however it is really important to keep from crossing the line from enjoying to drunk dialing and whining about mistakes made. One should certainly know to keep it low tone, after all what's the point in having fun if we can't remember it the next day..:)

Sunaina on 16 Feb 2014, 23:47:00 said...

@Danny Simons: Thank you!

Sunaina on 16 Feb 2014, 23:47:00 said...

@Jemina: Haha, of course! :)

Vidhi Malhotra on 17 Feb 2014, 00:43:00 said...

Sunaina: you are just wonderful :) your writing and thoughts spell out many things, some or the other way it relates to many of us I believe.

It was awesome..

Sunaina on 17 Feb 2014, 07:03:00 said...

@Vidhi: Thank you so much! You made my day. :)


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