Tuesday, June 28, 2016


By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, June 28, 2016

It is raining delightfully as we walk towards the parking lot. Everything looks beautiful and bright. The green trees look greener, the red car looks lovelier, and the people look like they have nowhere to go and nothing to rush about. You make a usual comment about the weather and I nod. I am in awe of everything around us, from the place we leave behind to the place we now go towards. The raindrops make a playful pattern on your window panes as we settle down. It is a sight too good to overlook, so we sit inside, engulfed in silence and the gentle pitter-patter of the rain outside. I tell you how much I love to slack off in a weather this dreamy and you tell me about the pile of work that is slowly accumulating at your desk. As you take my hand into yours, I know there are things you wish I'd say and things that you already know without saying. I know you keep telling me that there's a lot of time ahead of us. But time is slipping away, quietly and quickly. Days have turned into weeks. And weeks into months. The seasons too have changed. From a horrible summer to a magical monsoon. The next season might bring our way everything or nothing. But if it brings nothing, will you still remember this moment of solitude? Will you still think fondly of the moment we spent in the parking lot of a cafe we'd visit only when we have nowhere to go, not worrying a bit about the future or what tomorrow brings our way?


Jyotirmoy Sarkar on 28 Jun 2016, 19:05:00 said...

Very nice.

Sunaina Patnaik on 28 Jun 2016, 19:50:00 said...

@Jyotirmoy Thank you.


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