Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Things We Do Not Intend to Do.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, June 19, 2016

The things we do not intend to do are often the ones that creep into our lives without a warning sign, said someone to me. I do not think so.

The things, the real things we intend to do and end up doing are mostly something that lurks in our mind for a long period of time. How else would you convince your strong mind to do what's insanely unhealthy for you? Last week, my friend committed suicide. It is a heartbreaking moment, especially because I've known this person for over 15 years now. I have a distant yet very familiar images and memories with this friend, who certainly made me laugh out loud at certain moments. Always full of life, nobody really knew that something that terrible would occur. I mean, who would predict something like this? Who would assume that a twelve-year-old child who'd often forget math homework would grow up to forget the value of his true self? Why would anyone suspect that the person who brought a lot of us together in several instances would give up on his amazing self?

This brings me to a highly important matter - the struggles we all go through. They are real. They are painful. They are often incorrigible. We might not understand the amount of affect our struggles might have on us, but the fact that life tends to bring each one of us to a brink of losing ourselves and giving into the pain is tangible. At every stage of life, I might add. I do not want to sound philosophical or preachy when I say it. The world is a difficult place to live and in many parts of the world, people are living with an abysmal amount of despair, but always hope for a better tomorrow. That is all we need, right? A better tomorrow. However, how can we yearn for a better tomorrow if we refuse to build a firmer and beautiful today?

In a thoroughly hard way, I've realized that human beings are slaves to their emotions. I admit that I often find myself in a dark zone, just like a lot of people out there. I believe there is a way out, though. Sure, it is a maze but coming out of a maze isn't hard either. Especially with people and lot of help available to us.

So, I am using this as a medium to urge people to fight for a better tomorrow. That a single bad thing does not have to lead to a desperate act of impulsiveness. There is a lot to do in life, we haven't even seen the tiniest part of it yet. There are amazing things we could do with our strength. We could create, recreate, build, rebuild - some of the greatest things and joys of life that human beings and only human beings are capable of doing. Let's please use this power to live a life that we all dreamed of as 8-year-olds.

Here's something useful. Facebook has launched a suicide prevention tool. If you come across a friend's account whose posts indicate they might have suicidal tendencies, you could help them. Youth Ki Awaaz has written a very helpful post on this, that can be accessed here:

I believe everyone must know and make this tool known amongst the people we know. Seek and give help, whenever required.

And to my friend, I really hope you lived a life longer enough to have your own happy ending. Your time wasn't done yet. May your soul rest in peace.



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