Monday, December 12, 2016

The Beginning, In-between, and Ending.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, December 12, 2016

Page no 319,
there was a forgotten coffee shop in the bylanes of a street that was used only for evening walks,
every evening, it was adorned with lights and its brown bricked walls held paintings of exotic places,
candles were lit on every table,
the visitors were few, but it was a secret getaway for a lot of people.
Most of the evenings, he walked in with her but today was different,
they walked in and out separately.

Page no 14,
there was always a new place in this part of the town,
sometimes a cafe, sometimes a night club,
people bonded over coffee and fell in love with each other over dances and music that'll be remembered for years.
She walked into one such new place, after taking a last look at herself in the mirror,
Dressed in white and blue, he stood on his feet as soon as he saw her.
A lot wasn't spoken on that day, the music was too loud and they were too shy,
the first flush of love, I remember, is always like that.

Page no 249,
happiness isn't the only prominent story of our lives,
melancholy and joy come in equal parts,
unfortunately, we fail to welcome them both in similar fashions.
We question sadness but accept happiness without any iota of doubt,
but together, he and she revelled in joy and got through sadness.

Page no 457,
a room that overlooked gigantic snowy mountains and a sunset that spread its oranges and yellows across the sky,
cups of tea were strewn across the table where they put their feet up,
it was cold but the setting sun's warmth and their intimacy did all that a thick blanket couldn't.
Stuck in a moment of love amidst nature was a dream they dreamt together, many nights ago.

Page no 75,
the drive to the unknown roads between brown hills was long,
but the longing to reach there was stronger than anything.
In between the setting sun and the music they carefully chose for the drive, they stared at the city they left behind,
there was a lot of silence and no words involved,
but there were bits and pieces of everything people new to romance ever wanted.

The beginning, middle, and the ending - we imagine all stories must have them.
We imagine our lives must have them and we do.
But not necessarily in the same order.
When we are all brewing stories of our own, just remember not to measure it in the scales of beginnings, middles, and endings.



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