Thursday, September 08, 2016

Distances and Proximity.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, September 08, 2016

She lived out of suitcases while he built his home, carefully.
She measured her life with the number of places her feet took her to, and he did his while reading books in the cozy corner of his room.
She traveled to various parts of different countries in the pursuit of finding a meaningful story, as he moved from one page to the other, breathing into the lives of thousand characters.
The lipstick stains on her coffee cups and the little notes on the takeaway boxes made her life a mantel of memories, but to him, collecting memories meant something more tangible.

She sent him little postcards and lovely polaroids from the towns she visited and he sent her long emails about his days, weeks and sometimes, months.
During their rare phone calls, they ran into the wee hours of the night talking about the desserts that troubled her and the writer that made him go weak in the knees, about the coffee she enjoyed at the end of a forgotten lane and about the drawings and poetry he wrote in the margins of his notebook.
She narrated how sunrise looked poles apart in different parts of the world, and he described how sunsets weren’t the same without her.
Every time she moved from one place to the other, the desire to be with her grew deep in him.
Her feet might have taken her to places she called her own and beaches that she felt like home, but her heart? Her heart stayed with him, no matter where her feet traveled.



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