Thursday, September 01, 2016

Human Beings.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, September 01, 2016

Human beings are strange creatures. They measure time in moments instead of numbers. They celebrate long and grieve longer. They claim to understand the pain of loss but truly do only when they experience it. The circle of life and the curveballs that it brings along makes them perpetually confused about loss, heartbreak, death, and failure.

They like to hold on to their youth strongly and want to feel the emotions of being wild and free too often. Growing old is an awful experience, even more so when they realize they turn into a burden than a responsibility on growing older.

Human beings are strange creatures. They dream but restrain from discovering the strength it takes to live the dream. But when they do, they forget to stop and appreciate the little things around them. They claim that happiness is short-lived but never realize that it's self-created and self-destroyed.

When it comes to expressing their emotions, they fall short of words. They care, but they stutter to say. They hate, but they hide behind a mask. They win, but they find meaning in failure only. They write wonderful stories, but keep them away from everyone in torn journals.

Human beings are strange creatures. They watch great movies. They read great books. They admire the lives of their favourite heroes but they compromise with their lives. Only till they realize they cannot compromise any longer.  



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