Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Room Without Windows.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, November 10, 2016

I once asked for a room of my own.
Several months and appeals later, I got one.
But with no windows.
As a person fond of windows, I found this deplorable.
Confined to the four walls of the room with a shelf full of books and a painting of a mountain on the wall, I began to make conversations with words on blank sheets and stories inside books with slightly torn pages.
I fell in love with words and together, we realized that we had stories to tell and hearts to win.
It was in this little room I grew familiar with Elizabeth Bennet and her love for Darcy.
Here, I discovered Shelley and her Frankenstein and grew weary of the mysterious things the world held in itself.

The adventures were many, but I was a lover of windows and longed for a room with one.
And when I got one, I rejoiced!
I was no longer a prisoner of my thoughts and imagination.
Now, I had visitors in the form of pigeons and neighbours who took long morning walks.
I began noticing the tasks of the watchmen in the night, and slowly fell into the regular pattern of life.
I grew weary again, and this time, it wasn't short lived.
I wondered if this was what life was all about? Mornings and nights, noons and evenings withheld probably nothing that the stories I read offered.

Horrified with the banal reality of life, I wanted to run back to the room with no windows.
Where I went fishing with Tom Sawyer and pictured the view of River Thames in the words of Pip.
It was here that I wrote alongside Ruskin Bond and the likes because they were my only windows to the world I desperately wanted to belong.

But like words, there was a lot in life, that once said and done, had no going back.


Shrinivasan Holmeanthan said...

As a doctor, i must say, you portray all the signs of Vitimin D deficiency. My first clue was the 'no windows' bit. Then i dug a little deeper and just as the story turned, i realize your feelings were nothing but hallucinations induced by your brain to cover up your subconsciously induced vampirish need to avoid sunlight. And there it was, clear as daylight, no pun intended.
*takes a drag of a pipe of tobacco*
I highly recommend you to step out of the room without windows often. But be vary of the dangers of "outside". The very light that can save you, can also turn against you.
Wear a hat.

Sunaina Patnaik on 10 Nov 2016, 22:58:00 said...

@Shrinivasan Holmeanthan (AKA VIJAY SINGH RATHORE): As a writer, I must say, you portray multiple personality disorder. My first clue was 'calling yourself a doctor and trying to be all fancy with a weird name'. I simply didn't even have to dig deeper to realize that it's you, who never capitalizes 'I'. And there it was, all the signs were there, of your ghostly presence lurking in and around my blog, which is celebrating its fifth birthday as we speak.
*takes a sip from the free coffee provided by office*

I highly recommend you step out of your house and reach office. But be wary of the dangers of lunch time, when neither of us is going to Circuit with you. That very thing can deprive you of food.
Get a scarf to wipe your tears.

Shrinivasan Holmeanthan said...

You are such a smart cookie. I'm in awe at your deduction abilities. Especially cause I TOLD YOU I WAS LEAVING A COMMENT.

P.S - And stop syphoning coffee from the office machines. Some of us didn't get lunch and need caffeine to get through the day. Unlike others who apparently bites into the cup of coffee with their fangs sticking out like a vampire thirsty for blood. I'm looking at you Su.

Sunaina Patnaik on 10 Nov 2016, 23:43:00 said...

Would love to point out some errors in your comment, but I'm too cool for your school. Go code, child. :P


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