Tuesday, November 29, 2016


By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sixteen and naive,
You're oblivious to the possibilities of life,
Tying your fate to the boy in the next class, you dream of a future under pine trees and starlit skies.

Sixteen and unbroken,
You're yet to experience the pleasure of pain,
Strolling on the beach and building sand castles, you imagine life is always this simple.

Sixteen and brisk,
You're galaxies away from cherishing the luxury of slowing down,
Darting from one moment to another, living without a pause sounds like a true achievement to you.

Sixteen and broke,
You still haven't met the delight of owning things you lay your eyes own,
As you walk from a bookstore to a clothing store in a huge mall, you think window shopping is a feast worthy enough.

Sixteen and wide-eyed,
You're yet to travel and unravel the beauty and the mysteries of the world,
Glancing at the images in an old magazine, you wonder if you'll ever dip your feet in one of those exotic beaches.

Young and still unexposed to the realities of life, you dream and fail.
You pick yourself up each time you fall.
You will not know that you'll be offered second chances, mercies, and countless opportunities.
You will not know how it feels to get your heartbroken and heal with no one by your side.
You will not know how scary darkness is and how strongly you fight back for light.
You will not know how gratifying it is to come home with suitcases of souvenirs and heart full of memories.
You will not know how truly amazing it is to have someone by your side, who picks your battles like they're his own.
You will not know the beauty of the things you'll create and go to sleep with a satisfaction that's self-made.

Someday, you will know all this.
You must then remember, that you were destined for this.
That at sixteen, you didn't know what was in store for you.
But you were destined.
For this, and more.



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