Friday, May 23, 2014

Of Lost Love, Forgotten Emotions!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Friday, May 23, 2014

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.” 

― George R.R. Martin

Sometimes, in a world full of a million people and their zillion dreams, we all drift into a moment where simple things mattered. The moments where we had boundless love, memories that were actually moments, sweet sense of joy, and bitter sadness that held us together.

Lost love. Forgotten emotions. Bittersweet memories. Nostalgia.

It is quite astonishing how the long talks about serendipity, love, heartbreak and the metaphors cannot justify the ethereal feeling of lost love.

While the memories are long gone and the pain has faded, I can still write about the lost love. Fondly!

Love is like a bowl of freshly made ice-cream. An ice-cream that has the best of cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles. It has an aroma that reminds you of all the best moments in your life.

On a beautiful, rainy day, you sit in your favourite cafe, and savour your bowl of ice-cream. You enjoy it without thinking about anything, and when you finish it, you keep craving for more. Lost love, it ends in a fleeting moment, breaking your heart away, it makes you lose your senses, and after all the pain, you still crave it.

Emotions! So much for being a human.

Lost love, you leave a part of yourself there, and walk out in the storming rain, and this is when you cannot stop thinking about the repercussions, the dire consequences, and oh, the gory future.

You take time. The pain eventually fades. You smile. You are happy.

You take some more time. The pain completely fades. You laugh. You are infectiously happy.

But on odd nights, you hold a glass of whiskey in your hand, and reminisce all the good old moments where simply things made your life beautiful. As you listen to your favourite track by Coldplay, and swoon over Chris Martin's magical voice, you think of all the little moments that made your life alive and pink.

Lost love, amidst all the grandeur and morbid details of life, you made sense. You keep us, the hopeless romantics, emotionally alive. Even when everything makes us numb, the tiny detail of you makes us squeal in the night.

And it is strange how you still make sense in spite of being lost for an eternity!


Namrata on 24 May 2014, 01:14:00 said...

Lost love is kind if your favourite scent..even if it's not around you still in a corner of you heart you crave to wear it again. :)
Nice post.

Varun Singh on 24 May 2014, 03:03:00 said...

Beautiful post, Sunaina :)
Keep blogging!

Sunaina on 24 May 2014, 07:09:00 said...

@Namrata and @Varun: Thank you!

Jyotsna Bhatia on 25 May 2014, 02:50:00 said...

so beautifully you have described the feeling of lost love. Yes, it fades with time, but yes.. there are moments when the pain comes so crashing down on you that it gets difficult to breathe. This is one subject where I can go on and on. But I shall stop here. Well written Sunaina :)

Sunaina on 25 May 2014, 03:54:00 said...

@Jyotsna: Thank you! :)

monica malik on 25 May 2014, 19:51:00 said...

How moves on but once in a while we go back in time to those moments which remains in our hearts forever...the wounds heel with tym but how we had felt back then is something can never be forgotten..that feeling remains intact ...
Beautiful write up...:)

Sunaina on 26 May 2014, 04:04:00 said...

@Monica: Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

I really don't know who you are, I happened to have found your blog when I was going through my friends'. Intruding into your space :p yeah maybe

It was a beautiful post, amazingly written! You somehow took me back into the past! Just amazing :)

Sunaina on 5 Jun 2014, 05:57:00 said...

@Anonymous: Thank you SO much. Next time, please write down your name. :)


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