Sunday, May 04, 2014

Why You Should Be Like Harvey Specter!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, May 04, 2014

"That's the difference between you and me, you wanna lose small, I wanna win big."

-Harvey Specter

First things first, if you do not know who Harvey Specter is, he is one of the lead characters from Suits and it is played by Gabriel Macht.

When I started watching Suits, the first few episodes actually made me wonder if this is how Harvey would remain throughout the series. And as much as I would like to claim that Mike Ross and his infectious grin is the sunshine of the series, I cannot. Because Harvey, in spite of being obnoxious and flawed in many million ways, you look at him and find yourself muttering, "Way to be." 

While most of you must be wondering why I am stressing on being a tad bit like a fictional character, especially when my last post was on how you should not fall for fiction, I would like to say that maybe, just maybe, it is alright to learn some good things from Fiction once in a while, and hey, it is not that ridiculous too.

1. This man does not panic. Even in the most horrible situations, he maintains his composure SO well that you cannot stop noting down a good point here and there. 

2. While you are busy, love your profession and all that, it is quite an endearing thing to have a hobby or two. Did you guys notice his collection of vinyls? Smashing, isn't it?

3. Take risks. Listen, no one here wants a boring life. Either take risks, and have a story worth telling your next generation. Or give up on everything, sit and weep.

4. Look good. Always. Have a style of your own.

I mean, look at that man. He dresses up with such panache. I get it, most of you must be wondering what is SO special about his black and white suits. Feel free to roll your eyes.

There are good suits, and bad suits. Go on, google.

5. Do not compromise. Do not settle down for anything that is less than what you deserve. If you think you deserve an XYZ thing, you probably deserve it. Go ahead and grab it.

6. You look at that person walking under your balcony? He has a problem. The girl from your workplace? Yes, she too has a problem. 

We all have problems. It is alright.

Instead of panicking about our problems, we can just take control of your life, and fix things. No problem is too big that you cannot handle. 

Awesome people handle their problems and they do so gracefully.

7. Love your work.

Find what you love and do it. Everything falls in its place.

8. "I am against having emotions. Not against using them."

You see what he did there? 

9. Work hard. There are no free lunches in life.

There is no God sent angel who will make your life easier.

10. Be a smart learner and oh yes, love yourself. That is the best thing to do.

And above all things, like Harvey Specter says, do not think like a rookie even if you are one.

Harvey Specter is dynamic, sophisticated, cocky, impeccable and insanely awesome. Alright, that is too many adjectives. And the best part is, he is very loyal to his friends.

P.S. If you don't watch Suits, it is high time, you do. Go figure why everyone loves Harvey Specter.


Richa Singh on 4 May 2014, 06:00:00 said...

Quite an interesting line up of things here! Yes harvery spector is the MAN!


Sunaina on 4 May 2014, 07:00:00 said...

Thank you, Richa.

Namrata on 5 May 2014, 05:32:00 said...

Well...if possible I will start watching Suits asap. He both looks and sounds (from your detailed narration) excruciatingly and evily handsome and gorgeous...I will surely roll my eyes on him to find out more sizzling facts about his B&W suits.

Nice post. It seems you have done a PhD on him. ;) :D

Sunaina on 5 May 2014, 08:22:00 said...

@Namrata: :)


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