Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Way Back Into Love: A Short Story

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, May 27, 2014

She watched him as he tossed and turned in bed. His eyes closed, his brows creased, a tiny ray of light from the table lamp danced on his dimple. She wanted to run her fingers on it. 

She looked at him. She looked at him and wondered how things have been changing between them. She thought of the days when her world entirely revolved around this man. She looked at this man, and reminisced all the memories that were spent on the streets, goofing around, falling more and more in love.

She sighed and looked at him, and asked herself, "Is he a stranger now?

She put her book away, and turned the light off. 

Yet another night was spent staring at the ceiling. 

The next morning, she woke up to see the other side of the bed vacant. Unoccupied.

She panicked, and rushed out of the bedroom only to find him in the kitchen, making some coffee and whistling a joyous tune. For a moment, she felt she had lost him forever, and the very sight of him made her smile like a child.

He turned back to find her staring at him intently.



It rained whole night, leaving them without any choice but to stay indoors. He hated the rain unless she was with him. He hated having coffee unless it was with her. It was a day of his exceptions and even if he was happy, he did not give it away.

As he set the table, she looked at him, something snapped within her and couldn't control her tears any longer.

"Things have changed between us. When I could not find you beside me this morning, I thought you left me for good. I was scared that I would never see you again," she blurted out indistinct words in between her sobs.

He took her arms into his.

"I have spent innumerable sleepless nights going through myriad thoughts. I do not remember at what point of time we started drifting apart, but we did and both of us failed to notice it. 

I miss all that we were, and all that we could be. I want to go back to what we were. Small steps, baby?"

"For you, a thousand times over," she said and squealed in joy. 

"Oh, how I missed this," he knew what he had to do now.

He absorbed the silence around them. He looked at the raindrops dripping on the window sill. He listened to the music that was softly playing in the head. He closed his eyes, and smiled his glorious dimpled smile. 

They found a way back into love!


SAI KRISHNA on 27 May 2014, 09:54:00 said...


Sunaina on 27 May 2014, 10:13:00 said...

@Sai Krishna: Thank you!

monica malik on 27 May 2014, 21:19:00 said...

Aww :)

Sunaina on 27 May 2014, 22:58:00 said...

@Monica: :-)

Vatsavai Nisheetha on 28 May 2014, 09:30:00 said...

lovely ..:)

Sunaina on 28 May 2014, 10:24:00 said...

@Nisheetha: Thank you.

Diwakar Narayan on 28 May 2014, 18:19:00 said...

Nice story.

Aditya Kasibhatla on 28 May 2014, 22:24:00 said...

I love it. Yeah it did ring a bell in my mind! :)

Sunaina on 29 May 2014, 00:08:00 said...

@Diwakar: Thank you.

Sunaina on 29 May 2014, 00:08:00 said...

@Aditya: Yay! Thank you.

AaeKay :) on 3 Jul 2014, 10:56:00 said...

If only every love story ended like this. *sigh*

Loved your writing :)

Sunaina on 3 Jul 2014, 21:30:00 said...

@Aaekay: Thank you.

aparajita paul on 21 Oct 2014, 23:06:00 said...

it is so beautiful...

aparajita paul on 21 Oct 2014, 23:06:00 said...

simply beautiful. the way it is written made it ever more precious.

Sunaina Patnaik on 22 Oct 2014, 00:33:00 said...

@Aparajita: Thank you! :)

saichandra sv on 28 Oct 2014, 12:31:00 said...

Just loved it


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