Sunday, September 14, 2014

Finding Fanny!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, September 14, 2014

Let me start this with a statutory warning. I am not really a review person. I love watching movies, I love reading books, but reviewing them is an eternally painful task for me. 

Reviews are always a spoiler alert. I never read them. I hate them.

This isn't exactly a review though. It is just an experience.

I called my friend on Wednesday to ask if she'd accompany me for watching this movie, of course, I have been waiting for it. In response, all she said was "Sure! But do you think it is a good idea?"

Nevertheless, we have booked the tickets. I was more excited with the prospect of meeting my friend after three long months. 

After lunching with my family on a sunny Sunday, my friend and I set out for this movie. Thank you, Hyderabad traffic, we missed the beginning.

Apparently, Ranvir Singh is in the movie, and we missed it. Sweet life! 

It is not everyday you walk out of the movie with a sense of happiness and bliss; it is not everyday you enjoy a movie thoroughly and the fact is we have enjoyed every second of it. I mean what else do you need from a movie? It has to make your weekend better, and give you a gooey, happy feeling just the way a chocolate chip ice-cream does.

Lost love, unrequited loss sure might be romantic and all that. But the presence of your loved one is an entirely different experience.

The characters of the movie are very simple; they are people like you and me, people looking for love, people living in nostalgia, people putting the happiness of others above theirs, people who we see often and relate to.

Deepika Padukone has a very soothing presence, and she is gorgeous, as usual. Arjun Kapoor is adorable. (For all those people who are rolling eyes at this - oh please, I am a girl, what else do you expect?) Needless to mention, it was utterly delightful to see Naseeruddin Shah on screen in a slightly different yet a sweet role.

Though I do not remember the last few lines of the movie by the narrator (Deepika Padukone, herself!), they were beautiful.

The movie was lucid, practical, funny, and beautiful. 

Goa, you are beautiful. Cannot wait to explore you more and more!


Aman said...

Like the movie, as I said, this post, too, left me with a sweet velvety feeling. :)

Sunaina on 14 Sep 2014, 05:40:00 said...

@Aman: Thank you! Yes, love the movie. ;)

Anonymous said...

the best actor in the movie was, of course, the cat!! Which lived its acting by passing away! :P

Sunaina on 14 Sep 2014, 11:45:00 said...

@Anonymous: Haha, yes.


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