Friday, September 19, 2014

To New Beginnings!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Friday, September 19, 2014

“Perhaps that is where our choice lies -- in determining how we will meet the inevitable end of things, and how we will greet each new beginning.” 
― Elana K. Arnold

I was having just one of those obnoxiously cheerful days. It was one of those days when I wanted to say, "These are the best days of our life," but I refrained from saying so.

I put my bag aside, and started playing Fruit Ninja in one of my teammate's phone. Yes, those were the days when I didn't own an Android phone. 

But when I got an Android phone, most of the real world problems began. For now, let us save that story for another day.

A notification on my desktop made me pause the game. It was a message from a fellow teammate:

"Your photograph is funnier than mine."

What started with a taunt on an Instant Messenger led to many emails, Facebook messages, text messages, and yes, I got a smartphone, and hence, WhatsApp and Viber were violated too. 

It was one of those beautiful new beginnings which leave you with a fragrance of deep longing and unknown euphoria. It was just one of those phases when life flips over, and falls into a bed of dandelion seeds giving you a feeling of grandiosity. It makes you feel richer than anyone; it makes you grin like a strange creature all the time.

It goes unsaid--all the good things must come to an end.

How else would you experience more good things? And if you don't experience the melancholic days (which will take their sweet time to heal), how will you appreciate the good ones that will follow?

Some beginnings come with an expiration date. 

It doesn't mean they were wrong; it doesn't mean they were awful. They just had to make their way for new beginnings. 

While you are wondering what to decipher from my midnight rant, I'd say, perk up your ears a little.

You'll never know which text in your inbox would be your new beginning, or a happy ending!


sahithi on 20 Sep 2014, 01:23:00 said...

I like it ! haha. Funny in a way, reflects my life. :D

Sunaina on 20 Sep 2014, 05:10:00 said...

@Sahiti: Haha, thank you.

monica malik on 21 Sep 2014, 06:00:00 said...

lol, funny one
and true indeed, some messages do mark the beginning and ending of marvelous things..:D

Sunaina on 21 Sep 2014, 07:34:00 said...

@Monica: :-)


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