Monday, January 12, 2015

Goodbye Blue Monday!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, January 12, 2015

“It's just been a long week, that's all."
"It's monday night, Jess."
"My point exactly.” 
― Scott WesterfeldTouching Darkness

As you read this, I am sure most of you must be heading home from work; some of you might be still stuck at work; some of you could be striving hard to meet the gory deadlines, and some of you might be thriving in your dream job.

You might be listening to the radio jockey's banter, or listening to Coldplay on your iPod; you might be sending a long message to your girlfriend, or you might be just musing over the details of your day. It does not matter. Most of us had a not-so-good day.

To talk about my Monday, it has been nothing short of a disaster.

But that is alright. I call it the change in the season. 

However, I will give it you straight--my mind has been a barn of thoughts and negative ideas today. 

Too many internal conflicts.

I did not let that affect my work today. I did not let it deter me from meeting my deadlines either.

There were a lot of things that took rounds in my mind. I decided to write them down instead, and get it over with.

This is to all you people, who are trying to come out of your dreadful day. (You might relate with a few.)

1. The last book you have read will give you sleepless nights and unwanted ideas. It will make you a better person if you let it. 

I have read If On A Winter's Night A Traveller by Italo Calvino, and I found myself being the protagonist on quite a few instances.

It gave me sleepless nights.

2. The coffee from your favourite place might taste bitter today. It is okay, your favourite waiter is having just another terrifying Monday morning.

3. The man you love will break your heart. You will feel lost beyond imagination. It is okay. He is just a human being, who finds it rather difficult to deal with his mess too. 

There are moments when it pains to even look at the person you love. Do not let it turn you into a person you aren't. No one gets to the top without being broken and beaten on their way.

4. Only love can heal love. Stop being that sulky little brat, and spread some smiles. Even if you cannot.

You got to do what you got to do. 

5. Your pet does not wish to play with you today. Do not whine. Maybe it has been too long since you treated it with something special.

We all can do with some love, here and then.

6. It is not even the 15th and you are already broke. You wish some funds would magically appear in your bank account. 

The next time, you might as well plans your investments better.

7. The pair of jeans you ordered from Forever 21 looks utterly boring and so not your style. Maybe it is an indication that you should make time for yourself to buy a pair of jeans from Mango instead of shopping for clothes online.

And if it makes you happy, buy a plenty of it. Never compromise on your luxury and happiness.

You deserve it. You know it.

8. How often have you been longing to watch a movie? Scout your watchlist for that romantic comedy or comedy drama, and watch it today. 

Laugh your heart out, or weep your guts out. You deserve a little drama along with an ice cream on a Monday.

9. No matter how hard you try, some people will leave. You will leave.

They will just turn into a lost story in your torn journal. Someday.

Let the good old memories stay.

10. A year ago, I was so badly stuck in a corporate firm doing miserable things. Even in the wildest of my dreams, I did not imagine I would come out of it and take up an actual writing job.

As I open my mailbox or inbox every morning, I end up receiving a lot of good offers, and messages from the readers of my blog and people I work with. You have no clue how glad I am when I read them, especially when I wake up to them.

Maybe your life will be absolutely beautiful if you put in an effort and truth in your work. I am not certain how long I will be here, but I am sure I have earned the courage to create and do what I love.

I hope this would make your hopeless Monday a little better. If it does not, I insist you open a notebook, and write down your thoughts and reflections. 

You can also share them with me. I will be totally glad to hear you out.


Econgirl on 12 Jan 2015, 07:13:00 said...

This is so utterly beautiful! I have been having a terrible Monday too; a terrible couple of days actually and you blog made so much sense! You keep inspiring me.

Sunaina Patnaik on 12 Jan 2015, 08:17:00 said...

@Econgirl: Thank you so much, Brototi! :-)


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