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Ramayana The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams #2 - Shubha Vilas

By Sunaina Patnaik at Sunday, February 22, 2015

First things first. I had to delay the review of this book because of work issues, but I made sure that I would use this weekend for this book. So, here am I, a little late, but with the review.

I do not know when was the first time I actually listened to Ramayana. But I knew I was enchanted by it from then. It was delightful how it became a ritual of listening to my grandmother narrating Ramayana every night. 

I believe that's what Indian mythology does to you. It makes you fall in love with it, and no matter how many versions of Ramayana you read, you always crave for more.

Summary of the book:

Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana - The Game of Life. Twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita at the end of Book 1.

Now, in Shattered Dreams, Shubha Vilas narrates the riveting drama of Rama’s exile. Through tales of Rama’s unwavering and enigmatic persona, the book teaches us how to handle reversals positively; through Bharata’s actions, it teaches us to handle temptation; and through Sita’s courage, to explore beyond our comfort zone. This complicated family drama provides deep insights on how human relationships work and how they fail.


When Blogadda listed Shubha Vilas' Shattered Dreams Part 2 for a review, I knew I was going to apply for it. 

A week later when I received the book, I was absolutely pleased.

For starters, the most notable parts of the book are the lucid language, the flow of emotions I have experienced while reading it, and the footnotes.

The footnotes makes it easier for anyone who hasn't read Ramayana earlier.

I haven't read the first part of the book, but I was able to decipher the second part without any difficulty whatsoever.

Like I've already mentioned earlier, this book was written with a good flow of emotions. And these emotions were experienced by the readers too. As this part majorly focuses on the exile of Rama and Sita, I appreciate the way Shubha Vilas wove the intricate details. And he has done that well enough.

I liked the book. Having said that, I also felt that the book got a little preachy on several occasions. It could have been safely avoided.

Well it always comes back to one thing--Can't we just narrate a story without preaching? Can't we accept a good story without a little preaching?

Because that was the deal breaker for this book, and I believe it could have been avoided.


On the whole, this book makes a pretty lucid read for people who haven't read Ramayana earlier. And I would recommend it to people who take interest in Indian mythology and want to start it small.

The best part: The footnotes, and the lucid narration.

My rating: 3/5


Paperback: 404 pages

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; First edition (23 January 2015)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 8184955316

ISBN-13: 978-8184955316

Price: 350 INR

You can purchase the book here: Shattered Dreams

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saichandra sv on 21 Mar 2015, 11:53:00 said...

Heah hapy ugadi sunaina.😊 By thy way when was it least time that you have listened some stories from your grand mother.

Sunaina Patnaik on 22 Mar 2015, 01:44:00 said...

@Saichandra: Thank you. You have a Happy Ugadi too.

It has been a long time. 2011 was the last.


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