Tuesday, February 28, 2017

You Signed Up for This.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Every time I say you signed up for this,
I wonder if you imagined our togetherness differently,
Because life is built on unfulfilled fantasies and
unchartered territories,
The idea of love as shown in movies is a fable that we are miles away from,
Even if we're grappling in the dark praying to reach the shores of the kind of love we fancied, we might not,
The standards, I guess, were always a fabrication of our silly minds to mock us at what we cannot score,
Maybe I cannot promise you the fantasy,
Maybe I should not,
Because what I can offer you is, a different kind of love,
The one, that's ours, and probably not a figment of imagination,
On days when the sun refuses to shine and you gnaw your own mind, I'll remind you of the person you are,
I won't be the one rescuing you, but I will turn every dark day into a funny poem that you can recall on a day you'll not have me around,
On nights when you find my reason beyond any measure of sanity, I will rather give you a reason, to look beyond the measures,
Because who decides what's sane and what's not?
And on afternoons when time comes to a halt as we sit facing each other at a lunch table, I will  try not to fill the silence with words,
Even when words come easily to me, I will let you be,
For I don't squander love and words,
For when they are uttered, they ruin the possibilities of fathomable probabilities making way for the ineffabilities that my heart isn't made for,
So, take my silence and inability of expressing our bond,
But don't put them in that big brown box with labels, that is due for a return,
Instead, help me in carving them for our wants and needs.



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