Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It Is Not A Love-story!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, September 17, 2013

She sat cross-legged on the couch. He sat on the bean bag.

"So what's the deal?" He asked.

"No way. I am not letting you into the excerpts of my diary." She almost yelled at him.

"Oh come on, I've read a part of it anyway. Be a sport and tell me. Who's The One? I won't laugh. I promise."

"Please. No."

"I insist. Please."

"Ugh, okay, promise me you won't laugh. Truth be told, I haven't met him yet. He is just fictional. But he is The One. And that's what I want."

"Whatever. Let's just get with it now."

"Okay, okay. Umm, so, yes, William Darcy like. Neat. Eddie Vedder follower. A perfect relationship. So Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant-ish. First kiss under the stars. Long drives in the rain. Keats poetry. Basketball champion and...."

"Hahahahahaha. Stop right there. A guy like that wouldn't exist. Even if he did, I am sure he would be nothing less than lame. And just for the record, basketball and Darcy don't go together."

"They do. They so do. In my world."

"Yes, your world is fictitious and LAME. Let me get back to my football now. Give me the remote control. I have wasted enough time already." 


Deeptiman Chatterjee on 18 Sep 2013, 00:16:00 said...

You put to words what I had to say about that - 'Darcy, Keats and Basketball don't go hand-in-hand indeed!' So best of luck with that! #OkayBye

Sunaina on 18 Sep 2013, 00:17:00 said...

Obviously they don't! :P


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