Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let Geminis be Geminis! :D

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"I'm a Gemini, so I change my mind everyday."
-Natalie Portman

Lately, I have started observing the traits of people belonging to different sun-signs. Of course, things have been getting so weird in my life that for a while, I was convinced it is the sun-sign. Say, the fault in our stars! There were times when I assumed Geminis stick into more trouble than Leos or Libras. I checked out few Geminis around me, sadly, there weren't many, and felt they were in a similar situation. The muddle, the dire straits, and the unnecessary heartaches. On a serious note, this is utter nonsense. My brains didn't just go to the dogs but even the dogs discarded them. Everyone around me had tribulations. The fault in the stars in SO mainstream. And oh yes, over-rated. Or, may be, I don't know. I am just not sure.

Truth be told, my confusion about the stars isn't the plan of this post. Like I said, I have been observing people. I have been closely following Gemini traits, famous personalities, habits, and the metaphors. Though some of the facts and tales have acted as a fine catalyst for my ego boost, some of them have been mean. Devious and mean. I mean, we have been categorized as the Ram Gopal Varma of the sun-signs. I shall be happy for I really like Ram Gopal Varma. You know like you can love or hate Geminis, but you simply cannot ignore them. 

Myth: Geminis are vagrant. They are the most unstable people ever.
Truth: How in the world is this even valid? Anyone could be unstable. It is not a Gemini trait.

Myth: Owing to the twins, Gemini love to spice up their romantic life with a tinge of variety.
Truth: I mean, seriously, who is writing all this?

Myth: Geminis have a strong ethical code.
Truth: Didn't you just call us vagrant?

Myth: Geminis can be possessive or jealous over their loved ones but don't show it.
Truth: You got to be kidding me. Please.

Myth: Text a Gemini first. They'll love it.
Truth: No, thanks. We don't!

Myth: Geminis are always on the go. That's why it's hard for them to pick up the phone.
Truth: Duh! I am on phone all the time. It is like I am always on phone and not on the go.

Myth: Geminis make sure that an impossible relationship also works.
Truth: You wish, my love, you wish!

Myth: Geminis want world peace.
Truth: Ugh, I don't know how to answer that one. Of course, who wouldn't want that but I am not sure if we have a specific opinion on that. At least, I don't.

Myth: Geminis think a lot..but don't say much.
Truth: Says who? I think a lot, spice it up and say a lot.

On a serious note, this is not us. Let me tell you how a Gemini functions. (It is a vague attempt. Come on, now stop rolling your eyes.) 

Geminis are so full of themselves. Yes, we are selfish, and self obsessed. Sometimes, to the point of vanity. I agree. Sarcasm and sweetness come in a mixed bag. Or ugh, is it sugar-coated sarcasm? Could be! While we could be self obsessed and all that, we go take an extra mile and do things if we like someone. We are moody and don't mingle with everyone. We get turned off very easily and honestly, it is a herculean task to please us. Sometimes, it is hard to decipher our feelings, but we are Geminis and that is how we roll. Hey, Geminis could be nice and all that, just stop pointing out just the mean and devious things. Let Geminis be Geminis!

Anyway, you know what? There are and have been some really awesome Gemini celebrities-Johnny Depp (Ooh!), Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman (Gemini! Ha!), Angelina Jolie, Macklemore, Paul McCartney.

Okay, I am done bragging. Ciao!


Anonymous said...

Two of my very closed friends are Gemini and I totally agree with everything you said !

They are not at all jealous over anything and yes, sarcasm runs in their blood. But they are my everything and they make me laugh till my stomach hurts and I love them <3

Jemina on 13 Sep 2013, 10:40:00 said...

lol.. I could connect to many things that I concluded about geminis. I mean your version of truth.. and could find resemblance to a few traits that I have been listed too (most of them.:P )

and odd enough ..I am LEO..:P may b I shall stop focusing on the traditional myths as well..:)

Shalini said...

hi ..
Even I am Gemini and
I quite agree with the traits you mentioned ..like being self-obsessed,moody and get turned off easily.
Also, if they like somebody..they would like to travel extra mile for them...
I think these traits make a gemini
unpredictable and weird at times...:)

Salil Kader on 15 Sep 2013, 02:34:00 said...

:) The most misunderstood Sun Sign ! Thanks to Linda Goodman ! We're made to feel like species from a different planet. Nice one here!

Sunaina on 15 Sep 2013, 21:03:00 said...

@Motivatingria: Yay! Thanks. :)

@Jemina: Ah, a Leo? :D Nice.

Sunaina on 15 Sep 2013, 21:04:00 said...

@Salil: Thank you. :)

@Shalini: Totally! :)


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