Monday, November 17, 2014

Something About My City!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, November 17, 2014

Perhaps I have built my memories like landmarks all around the city.
To talk about Hyderabad and its countless issues, I have always taken them seriously at several phases of my life.
From “I want to move to Bangalore” to “I want to study in Calcutta” to “I would settle down in Vizag”, this city has seen it all.
This city makes me erratic. It makes me want to yell at people. It makes me want to knock some sense into the auto drivers. This city and its traffic makes me sigh louder than ever. This city makes me restless, it gives me sleepless nights. But, it does not stop right there.
It makes me run away from it. For all intents and purposes.
I have always believed that I hated Hyderabad, but the joy I experienced when I looked at the city lights looming playfully over Hussain Sagar after a trip to Vizag, I have totally realized how much I loved this city. More than anything else. The unsettling feeling at the pit of my stomach every time I travel to a different city is not beyond my comprehension anymore.
Last Saturday, as I was going home from work, while listening to Ilayaraja’s music, I realized I cannot do without Hyderabad. This city is imperfect in all its dimensions, but it is beautiful. You know, just the way some broken things hold a mysteriously beautiful aura?
Yes, that!
This city proves that it is worth all the sleepless nights. It flaunts its old world charm and its contemporary style with a panache. This city bears its mad rush and agonizingly dark nights with a delight. 
This city does not care what I do, it pushes me towards meeting better people every time; it makes me believe that pretty things come in tiny packages.
And much to my chagrin, this city ended up being my favourite over all the places I have ever lived in. It has applauded my first success, and berated my first step of arrogance. It has embraced my first failure by hushing me into tranquillity. It has seen my first love, my first heartbreak, and many of my firsts, that simply went unnoticed. It has made me experience seething love and fleeting jealousy. It has drowned me with solitude and words. 
As I wake up to my morning coffee with yet another round of Venkateswara Suprabhatam playing at home, I know this city has engulfed me with a sense of belonging.
It makes me feel like I am home. Even when I am lost.

Picture Courtesy: Sugumar Solomon



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