Monday, March 21, 2016


By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, March 21, 2016

I wasn't the kind of kid who liked to bunk school. On the odd days when I would fall sick and be forced to take a leave, my mind was consumed with inane thoughts. Thoughts where I'd assume that all the kids are moving forward in terms of the class work and learning while I was home sneezing and coughing. Not a pretty picture, I know. But I could never control my obsession over school when I stayed home.

This rather sordid habit of mine has only gotten worse as I grew older. It has simply surpassed the stage where I plainly refuse to take leaves even on the most important days except on my birthday. I like to go to work every day, and in the rare cases when I don't, I always assume that everyone is finishing up their work, meeting their deadlines, and probably doing more than what they are meant to do. Just like the good old school days. Because, well, old habits die hard, don't they?

I have been trying hard to get rid of this habit, though. A. Because it's not healthy, and B. It makes me a freak. So, I've been actively investing in doing things that are not relevant to my work. It's also helping me being more productive at work, but let's not get there. Because this is a post on how I'm chilling out in a non-harmful way. After a really long time, I was on a break from work today as one of my really good friends is on a short visit to India, and our group of friends wanted to meet. We spent the entire day consuming food and coffee, but more importantly, in the horrid traffic. All we did was talk about Coke Studio and movies. On a regular day, I would have whined about the traffic, but today, barring the rare comments, the traffic did not seem like a hindrance to our conversations that took us on a nostalgic trip.

The drive, the music, the lights, the moon at a distant, and of course, the company. Everything was just perfect. How amazing is it to have friends who can make simple conversations and Mondays so lively? Now back to our point of conversation, it's alright to take a break from work sometimes and indulge in having fun. I am going to try this more often hereafter. And nope, an apocalypse isn't going to strike if you are bunking work once in a while.



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