Tuesday, July 05, 2016

You Are All You Need.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Tuesday, July 05, 2016

You come into the world with nothing in your arms,
You find the meaning of life in melancholy and the joy of living in love.
All by yourself, stumbling upon places and people you carry within.
You fight the demons of your life, sometimes with a friend by your side.
You are taught different things, but your experiences remain to be the greatest of your teachers.

You come into the world with no survival kit in your hand,
You understand the way the world lives. Even worse, you understand it  by failing.
You learn that you don't come out of a battle without a few scars here and there.
Never place your trust in the wrong hands, you are told. But you misplace it. You squander it.

You come into the world with no plans in your head,
You stand tall beside your literary heroes, you chase the evil with the superheroes in your heart.
You walk the cities with your little heart on the sleeve and go everywhere you feet take you to.

You build your home in the darkest hours and you walk alone even in the brightest hours,
Everything you need and all that the world can hold is just inside of you. Hidden but waiting for you to discover it.
Dear man, you are the architect of your own happiness.
Make it or break it, but don't be the creator of your bitter endings.

You come into the world with all the strength in your heart,
And maybe, that is all you need. Now and forever.



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