Thursday, April 13, 2017

We’re a Generation of Self-Absorbed Individuals.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Thursday, April 13, 2017
We are a generation of self-absorbed individuals,
Every morning, we soak in narcissism as we soak in Vitamin D,
Standing in front of the mirror, we admire our facial features, and maybe slyly ignore the ones that aren't so good after all,
We strive, we strive really hard to live the lives we carefully paint on our social media profiles,
But it's hard and often daunting,
Because the perfection we achieve on social media isn't a cakewalk in real life.

As a generation of self-absorbed individuals,
We live on gratification and seek validation,
Even when we claim we don't, we do,
We just don't say it, because we're too vain to admit
that our egos are bigger than our hearts and souls,
Our mess isn't ours alone, our heartbreaks aren't ours to embrace,
We break and heal with others,
We love and learn with people on the internet,
Our secrets are broadcasted in the daylight and we turn our lives into a mockery overnight.

We're a generation of self-conceited individuals,
Too broken to admit we're broken,
Too full of ourselves to see beyond our flesh and bones,
We watch as our lives fade and emerge between the newsfeeds and timelines,
Unfolding gently between the pretentious mornings and melancholic nights, we build constellations of our own,
We write stories for no one to read,
We laugh, half in love and cry over lost loves,
But in the end, we survive,
We breathe,
And we just live.



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