Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Your Favourite Thing Is No Longer A Favourite!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, August 28, 2013

But the absolute worst was when people asked if I was okay. Because then I had to admit that it was real, it happened, and we weren't together anymore.” 

A week ago, I received a message from a girl who was grieving over her break-up. She asked me to write a post about her relationship. This post is definitely not about her relationship. This post is about the things which were once our favourite transform into not SO favourite things during/after a break-up. For instance, let us talk about sitcoms. Consider yourself lucky, if your ex doesn't watch sitcoms. (Yippee!) If he does, well, do not share your favourite sitcoms with him. Let me warn you, each time you watch that favourite episode of yours, you do not see Joey in it, no, you don't. In fact, you see your ex. So rule no. 1, never watch your favourite sitcoms with anyone. (Your ex as Joey is such a blasphemy, I tell you. I mean, it is Joey for Christ's sake.)

But let me tell you what's the worst thing-your favourite restaurants. I mean, how many of us have literally stopped going to our favourite restaurants after break-ups because they trigger all the old memories and makes us know...damn, you know it. If you are a foodie and you love your favourite restaurant, don't share it with anyone because you wouldn't want to sit and sulk at the place which was once your favourite corner. Oh dear!

Sometimes, ice-creams helps you a lot to come out of terrible situations. Yes, a second serving helps you a lot more and an entire tub of it just solves all your problems. I know people are always telling us things that we don't want to hear, and we sort of stay in denial during these times. Who are we kidding, anyway? My girl friend (and she happens to be my 3 A.M. friend) tells me ice-cream therapy doesn't work. She tells me that her favourite flavour of ice-cream gives her panic attacks. I wish I could roll my eyes. I wish. But I couldn't for the fact that she would read this post. So she tells me how Oreo Peanut Butter ice cream was her favourite, and how she and her ex shared it almost everyday. (Well! Why don't I get to eat that shit everyday) And she tells me between sobs and hiccups that she is not able to forget him or eat her favourite flavour of ice-cream that she used to eat everyday. 

The woes just don't end here. My friend tells me that he regrets sharing his playlist with ex because it reminds him of her. I mean, seriously, every time, you fish out that iPod of yours, and listen to your favourite track by Coldplay, what happens? It simply drifts you into not so pleasant memories or like in my case, very pleasant memories because I never dared to share my playlist with anyone else. Isn't a playlist like a personal diary, duh? It is. Every bit. Never share it, okay?

Your favourite restaurants, songs, movies, sitcoms, food, and you get the drift, right? All these things are no longer your favourite. They remind you of things that are no longer yours. I know right. So, when you eventually lose a person anyway, why do you want to gamble with your favourite sitcoms, ice-cream or restaurants? Sometimes, it is nice to be selfish and keep your favourites to yourself instead of sharing them with your partners, because your favourite things should help you to come out of the trauma. Not increase your trauma.


Namrata on 28 Aug 2013, 20:44:00 said...

Break up sucks...but the memory sucks more than a moment you crave for short term memory...:(

prince on 24 Sep 2013, 10:18:00 said...

I TOTALLY AGREE with U in this!I have a question for you though did this come to you as an experience or You knew it all along..!:P


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