Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Conversation Between Brain and Heart

By Sunaina Patnaik at Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"The Genius and the mortal instruments
Are then in the council; and the state of man,
Like to a little kingdom, suffers then."
-William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

Brain: Heart?

Heart: Brain?

Brain: I do not mean to offend you but do you remember the time you claimed to be more powerful than me? And that the world runs around the ridiculous emotion you produce? I think it is time you accept the truth. I am the most powerful organ, and you function only because I do.

Heart: Oh please, I am such a knockout! People mention me in poetry and grand prose, in melancholy and utter happiness; while I live in grandiosity, you live in boring science textbooks. 

And just for the record, you too function only because I do.

Brain: Look who's talking! If I was so powerless, why would you come to me broken and tattered every time someone tears you apart? Why do you say, If only I followed your advice, each time someone hurts you? Because even you know that you cannot deal your issues alone. 

I tell you what? Just pump blood, alright? That is your job. Do not get distracted.

Heart: I am a multitasker.

Brain: No, you are stupid and illogical.

Heart: Of course, being logical brought you a long way, didn't it? 

Brain: How would it? I get to suffer along with you. Because of your utter foolishness, you get into troubles, and drag me along with you. Have you ever put yourself above anyone else?

Heart: No, but that's what makes me the heart, doesn't it? I am selfless, and even when every fiber of my being hurts, I do what I got to do.

Brain: Do you even listen to yourself when you talk? Complication is your second name.

Heart: Just the way egomaniac is your second name!

Brain: Maybe, but I am the safer one. I am the last resort to everyone, okay? I make geniuses what they are. I pull people out of their miseries, and I take their thoughts on a right path. 

Heart: But I have the power of transforming the geniuses as well.

Brain: No. You push them towards eternal damnation.

Heart: I add beauty to the lives of people. If anything, I push them to seek your help, I push them towards making their lives meaningful. I am hopeful unlike you.  I might makes their lives painful, but even those thoughts come from you.

Just take a look around yourself. People make movies about me, write stories about my presence in their lives. I'll give it you, you are amazing, but we do not exist without each other, and that's possible because I make it happen. 

And I make it happen because I want my name to be written beside yours.

Brain: Oh stop manipulating me emotionally, you evil thing. Fine, let us have it your way. But do not come to me when someone breaks you, I am too exhausted to bandage your wounds. 

Heart: *Giggles* 



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