Monday, December 01, 2014

Words And Reflections!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, December 01, 2014

“She had the world’s worst poker face: her feelings floated across them like reflections on a still pond.”

― Jojo Moyes

She finally sat down to write with a pen and a notepad, overlooking the fairy lights up high in her room. The faint rustling of the trees in her courtyard distracted her time and again. She let her thoughts go astray for a moment, and gathered herself again.
Too many adjectives describing him? Edit relentlessly, said one of her post-it-notes. 
Look for imperfections, said another.
As she was scratching her head looking for imperfections, there was yet another distraction. She dashed into her balcony to see the raindrops adorning the streets, young couples running towards trees for shelter, dogs and cats cuddling under carts and cars, and children with bright red umbrellas running in circles with paper boats in their hands. 
Surreal. She muttered. But not again.
She sat down to write again, not letting anything deter her focus. She did not want to be flippant this time.
He was noble, he had his off moments; he was absurd, but being imperfect wasn't one of his liabilities. Like a haiku poem, he was mysteriously beautiful. Of course, he was oblivious to it.
She tried to recreate his voice but she could not. She tried hard to recollect his figure but it was distorted in time. She closed her eyes and tried to picture his smile, but she could barely picture it.
She tried to remember all the conversations they had and this time, she could remember all of it. Words meant everything to her. She had a flair at remembering every word ever said to her. And she did.
She crumpled the paper and opened a fresh one.
"The sea fell in love with the sand," she wrote in big, bold letters.


keerthana G on 1 Dec 2014, 21:28:00 said...

Awee...!!! <3 ly..!! :) :)

Sunaina Patnaik on 1 Dec 2014, 21:55:00 said...

@Keerthana: Thank you, girl! :)

Jagruth said...

This was really good! It's the little things that matter. You have a new frequent reader! Thank you for writing.

Sunaina Patnaik on 2 Dec 2014, 20:11:00 said...

@Jagruth: Thank you so much. :)


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