Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Morning.

By Sunaina Patnaik at Monday, December 14, 2015

This Universe functions strangely. Every time I think I can fly and say hello from up in the sky, it just has to remind me that I am clumsy. It is like the Universe is trying to break my sexy dream where I am a unicorn. The reality is that I trip and fall even on flat roads. Sometimes.

My day began at the RTA office, which was so crowded that I wanted to run away and hide behind a tree. Crowded places are so scary and they get me frustrated for no reason whatsoever, but thank goodness I got my Learner's License soon, as I reached the place even before it opened. On my way to work, I had to go to the bank to run an errand. I strutted into the bank all easy breezy, but the universe had to play a foul game, right? So, I stepped on my foot and almost fell while getting into the elevator. Sure, it was embarrassing, but nothing was more embarrassing than the lift man advising me on how to walk with my eyes wide open and that my high heels were a major reason for mishaps like this. Maybe that wouldn't have been so embarrassing if there weren't five others surrounding me, who tried hard to suppress their chuckle. Mentally, I made a note to watch out while getting into the elevator again, or to simply climb down the four floors to avoid the lift man. So, there! What a terribly awkward start of the week.

I have never spent a lot of time at a bank. Today, I did, and in my head, I always imagined it must be totally cool to work at a bank, always surrounded with currency and groovy security that escorts suspicious hanky-panky people out. Turns out I watched a lot of movies and romanticized everything! Right from my childhood, I have been fed on fantasies that depicted banks as a fairyland. Or maybe as a child, I felt so because banks get tons of holidays. Now that I realize they work on some Saturdays too, my bubble of imagination has collapsed. The fifteen minutes I spent over there seemed ridiculously long; everything was happening in a slow motion and I could vividly hear the water leaking from the AC. I thanked my stars for my awesome job and walked out from it, and this time, watched my steps before getting into the elevator.

P.S. I still think my bank is sweet.



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