Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Reunion, Said My Stars!

By Sunaina Patnaik at Saturday, October 25, 2014

“Reunion reveals friendship potential that haven't yet been emerged in the past.” 

― Toba Beta

I am not a firm believer of Astrology, or for that matter, Tarot cards and all that. But sometimes, when I am utterly bored, I read useless things which include astrology. OKAY, so major creepy stuff happened. Good stuff, but still creepy!

My astrology for the month predicted that my month would end on a low note with some surprises thrown in here and there. It also predicted that I would hear from a long lost person. I did, I did. It also predicted that I might, I just might reunite with some old friends. That happened too.

Call it a weird coincidence or give due credits to the stars, my astrology for the month hit bull's eye. This stuff actually works, duuuuuuude!

So, I met these friends after eight long months and much to my chagrin, things did not change at all. You know, I imagined we'd get awkward and all that, but we didn't. We picked where we left, we had conversations that were as stupid as they were once. We ate at the places we always have, we made merry the way we always have.

We laughed over all the loony things we did a year ago, and rubbed our differences aside. We also made plans and mused over how things have changed now. The last time we met, we were actually pretty jobless. Not literally! Look where we got now? We just got busier with the work we love now.

Astonishingly, it is pretty ludicrous when you can totally pick where you left with some friends. It is okay to fight. It is okay to get into cat fights. It is okay to have differences. And it is totally okay to go on for longer periods of time without making grand conversations. You get very few friends who can retain normalcy after being mute for an eternity.

All your indifferences will fit together.

P.S. If you have a friend who screwed up your sanity, pick up that phone and give a damned call. A friend who screws your sanity deserves to stay in your life. Do not give up on being that idiot's maid of honour five years (or just whenever) down the line. She counts on you, you fairy angel! 

(That fairy angel would be me.)


Sumit@sellall on 25 Oct 2014, 05:40:00 said...

Great Post, very nicely written, Loved this one. Thanks for sharing this.

Sunaina Patnaik on 25 Oct 2014, 05:57:00 said...

Thank you, Sumit. ^_^

saichandra sv on 26 Oct 2014, 21:55:00 said...

Good one 😊

aditya macharla on 2 Nov 2014, 03:43:00 said...

You are good at what you write..
love to see more of your work..!!

Sunaina Patnaik on 2 Nov 2014, 05:32:00 said...

@Aditya: Thank you!

Arun said...

I know someone who writes like this. Romba santoshama. 👍


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